Empower Participants with Self-Scheduled Meetings

Increase productivity and engagement between participants by enabling event attendees to extend their reach at your events with Self-Scheduled Appointments. Networking continues to be the primary reason people attend events, yet it is extremely difficult for attendees to create connections beyond their existing contacts. Whether combined with Match2Connect appointments or used independently, Self-Scheduled Appointments provides a way for attendees to reach out to other event participants and request meetings through the event application.


The productive way for attendees to connect, Self-Scheduled Appointments:

  • Reduce attendee frustration by enabling them to request, accept or decline meetings within the event site without interfering with personal inboxes
  • Consolidate Self-Scheduled Appointments with other agenda items and meetings into a single calendar delivered via Event Views™
  • Combine Self-Scheduled Appointments with Match2Connect appointment matching to provide more powerful connections
  • Control the entire 1-to-1 meetings program by determining which attendees are eligible for Self-Scheduled Appointments and with whom they can request meetings
  • Ensure attendees leave the event educated and connected so they are able to make decisions about your product or service

At your next event, empower attendees to reach beyond their existing networks, search for valuable connections and schedule productive 1-to-1 meetings with Self-Scheduled Appointments.  To find out more, download our new e-book, “An Introduction to Personalized Event Experiences” now!