Attendee Engagement

Empower participants to take control of their own event experience and design it to meet their unique goals.

With Certain-powered events, engagement is no longer left to chance. Attendees tailor events to their needs, while event owners, exhibitors, and sponsors more effectively deliver educational or marketing messages to target audiences and orchestrate meaningful connections. All participants are able to maximize the value of their event investment and accelerate their business.

Effectively engage attendees throughout the event lifecycle:



  • Attendee Profiles: Combine profiles from marketing automation or CRM systems with event-generated insights to understand each attendee – their company, industry, title, role, interests, preferences, and stage in the buying process.
  • Relevant Content: Guide individual attendees to the content they need – the sessions, activities, social or networking opportunities necessary to achieve their event objectives.
  • 1-to-1 Meetings: Facilitate connections between the right individuals – buyers and vendors, users and experts, investors and executives – with Match2Connect™ and Self-Scheduled Appointments.
  • Event Views™: Provide attendees a central source for all their event information and content, tailored to their specific profile, interests and preferences.
  • Participation: Encourage participation, increase learning, and engage attendees using Mobile and social technologies.
  • Communities: Extend the reach and the conversation before, during and after an event with event communities and virtual events.

To meet the requirements of the modern attendee, organizations must look beyond traditional event management. Certain’s platform empowers participants to maximize connections and achieve their event goals – learning and education is accomplished, lasting connections are made, and business is accelerated!

Learn more about how personalized event experiences will increase engagement and drive event success and download the e-book, “How to Improve the Attendee Experience for Event Success!