Scale Your Events in Under 5 Minutes with Oracle Eloqua and EventStream

What if you could scale your events and launch an event marketing campaign in only five minutes in Oracle Eloqua? Sounds too good to be true? Launching events and creating highly targeted marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be time-intensive, difficult work. We’ll show you how to implement these types of campaigns in minutes at our Oracle Eloqua User Group. Come to Certain’s headquarters on August 4th and we’ll provide you with marketing shortcuts and best practices to maximize the efficiency of your event marketing workflow.

Leveraging Marketing Automation for Effective Email Marketing

Have you ever read a marketing email that flunked Marketing Automation 101? No qualifying, no targeting, and no personalization. What makes these emails so cringe-worthy is that we can empathize with why they’re bad, because after all, sending out effective inbound, outbound, and follow-up emails is hard work. According to Marketing Sherpa, customer conversion rates across industries ranges from 8-22%, which means that 78-92% of the time, marketers and salespeople are experiencing challenges when it comes to effectively communicating to their prospects. So even though a large part of the sales and marketing equation is not about “winning”, there are definite dangers of sending emails that do not consider your prospect’s unique needs. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to Ninja Kittens later in the post!)

3 Tips to Develop a Successful Partner Marketing Strategy for Events

Do you know how to leverage partner marketing for generating buzz for your next event? When it comes to promoting an event, marketers need to create innovative solutions to sound less “salesy” and more customer-focused. So how can you create a successful marketing campaign that educates and inspires prospects to take action and helps support your next event? Instead of engaging in flashy, salesy, promotions — market smarter and more efficiently by concentrating on your event marketing with targeted partner marketing campaigns.