How Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize Events by 2025

While the full potential of augmented reality (AR) and the impact it will have on the world has yet to be realized, experts predict that the coming years will bring a number of new and exciting changes that will allow AR to completely revolutionize the technological (and, to some degree, business) landscape. With so much potential offered by the technology, we wanted to look at how augmented reality is set to impact events and event planning in the next few years. Outlined below are the various ways we expect both virtual and augmented reality to revolutionize events through 2025.

Hiring a Headliner – How to Select a Star Performer for Your Keynote Presentation

The centerpiece of any conference, company meeting, or special event is the keynote speaker. Selecting the right speaker can make the difference between a memorably successful event and one that is an embarrassment to the hosts. But don't let that freak you out - we've got a cheat sheet to help you.

Amplify Your E-Commerce Sales with Pop-up Shops

One of the key takeaways from early June’s Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is that B2B e-commerce is on the rise. Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce is well-established, but business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce has taken longer to gain a foothold. But no more. In fact, Forrester research expects that by 2021, the US B2B e-commerce market to be worth $1.2 trillion, twice the size of the US B2C e-commerce market. What's driving this impressive growth? The appeal of cost savings for sellers and convenience for buyers. And for the retail segment, one quite accustomed to reaching consumers through digital means, they will be increasingly interacting with their vendors this way too.

Creating a Nurture Campaign to Optimize Event Results

Running great events takes up a lot of resources.  In fact, our recent survey indicated that most enterprise marketers spend at least a quarter of their budgets on events. With all that money on the line, pre-event planning is essential to ensure that event logistics go smoothly. But planning for the follow-up for all the contacts that you meet at an event is equally important.

Planning Great Events to Drive Customer Engagement

Now that the Spring conference season is winding down we can all take a breath and put our feet up.  Or can we?  The pause between the spring and fall conference seasons is the perfect time for savvy event marketers to take advantage of a change in the rhythm of business and the warmer weather and execute smaller, more intimate events with customers and prospects to achieve engagement.

Certain Presents the Event Marketing Benchmark Report, Spring 2017

A few weeks ago at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, Scott Brinker presented the Stackie and Hackie Awards - the conference’s annual awards program for the best marketing stack illustrations and “marketing hack” essays, and events figured prominently in the marketing mix for the winning entries.

How to Produce the Perfect Launch Party

Throwing a big bash to generate excitement around a new company or product, especially in a crowded market is a critical component of an successful go-to-market strategy, as well as an effective way to celebrate the team’s labors. But planning, promoting, and executing an event like this in order to achieve intended business results is never as easy as a well-orchestrated event looks to attendees. It takes planning, a cool head, and a well-coordinated team working in concert to pull it off.  When executed well, a launch party can ignite the afterburners to accelerate the growth of your brand and company!