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Published in Event Ideas category on (10/28/2011)

3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Event

After countless hours of planning and seamless execution you have created the perfect event.  The speaker panel is powerful, the appetizers are legendary, and you are still unsure how you snagged that venue—but imagine if no one was there to eat those crab cakes?

All successful event professionals understand that an effective marketing strategy is vital in order to drive attendance.  However, among the draining hours of coordinating other crucial elements of planning, marketing can sometimes take a backseat.  Here are three easy tips that can seriously improve your marketing strategy and overall attendee turnout:

1. Use Social Media Campaigns
Most people today are using at least one social media platform to check in with friends or relatives and even to connect with businesses. Using social media to promote your event is not only free, but the most effective way to reach various target audiences. If you create an event invitation on Facebook, you provide a central location for people to see updates and information about how to get involved and learn more about the event and your company. Once you invite people, they can share your event information through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This way, you don’t have to bombard attendees with a flood of emails every time you need to send them an update.

2. Take Advantage of Newsletters 
You can also use your company’s newsletter to promote your event. People who signed up to receive it are already engaged with your company and may appreciate the opportunity to network and learn at your event. Be sure to build out a plan of action for your email marketing campaign. Determine how many targeted emails you want to send and the messaging that goes along with it. You can also contact other companies to see if you can advertise to their list in order to expand your reach.

3. Content Content!
Lastly, another easy way to promote your event is by offering digital whitepapers or eBooks that will drive traffic to your website and engage potential attendees in topics relating to you event.  Don’t forget to include an opt-in landing page for your larger content pieces so that you can capture new leads and nurture them!

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