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Published in Technology Solutions category on (04/24/2013)

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Without a Robust Event Management Platform

4reasons.pngThe days of managing events with spreadsheets, email, and basic online registration are over. So is the limited view of event management software as a basic logistical tool. Great events require a more comprehensive and strategic approach. An approach powered by event management technology. Today’s enterprise-level solutions improve event planning and collaboration while engaging attendees more effectively—resulting in better business results.

Here are 4 key reasons corporate meetings and events should not be undertaken without event management technology: 

1. There Are Too Many Players Involved

There are just too many people that need to collaborate across sales, marketing, the event team, vendors, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and even attendees. With so many wheels turning, event management technology has an important role to play in facilitating event logistics and collaboration.

Certain Tip: Look for a platform that allows you and your team to easily collaborate with key players throughout the event eco-system; share critical data such as real-time budgeting; and streamline and centralize multi-level request and approval processes for events, speakers, papers, etc.

2. The Investment is Significant

Let’s face it. Many events are not a ‘drop in the bucket’ type of investment. Budgets tend to be high and this means you cannot afford to leave the outcome to chance. According to a recent Aberdeen report only 25% of companies actively manage their event spend. Event management software can enable real-time spend management to keep your events on budget.

Certain Tip: Managing event spend is one important task, but don’t forget that events are about generating value for attendees, sponsors, partners, and your organization. So the real focus should be on maximizing value of your investment.

3. The Risk of Failure is Too High

Events happen at a specific time and place – whether you’re ready or not.  And a poorly-executed event reflects negatively on the people and brands associated with it. Everyone involved, from event owners and sponsors to attendees and speakers, expects a well-orchestrated experience. Technology provides a central hub for managing timelines, as well as providing a solution for enhancing the experience of all participants.

Certain Tip:  Details make the difference and with so many details to manage,event management technology is a must-have. Use a comprehensive event management platform to keep the wheels of your event turning while delivering more value to attendees.

4. The Opportunity is Too Great

Perhaps the single most important reason to rely on technology is to take full advantage of the role events play as a marketing and revenue-accelerating channel. The inherent value of events is the opportunity they present to speed up the revenue cycle by engaging prospects, leads, and customers in a high-touch, highly-engaging environment. Events also allow companies to paint a more complete picture of their customers as they collect intelligence from the registration process and throughout.

Certain Tip: If you aren’t using events to their full capacity, your competitors will! Event management technology, integrated with marketing automation and CRM, can help you deliver flawless events and accelerate business results. 

Summarizing the Need for Event Management Technology:

Event management technology offers a powerful and affordable way to streamline the event management process and maximize events as part of the revenue cycle.

Technology can automate processes and reduce costs of event planning, venue sourcing, qualification, registration, appointment matching, social and mobile interaction, reporting, and more. Events managed through a comprehensive event technology platform can also deliver rich behavioral data to better understand customers and deliver valuable information and connections at the right time and place.

Complete with design tools for consistent branding and delivery across desktop and mobile devices, event technology empowers organizations to get closer to customers and strengthen brand loyalty. Finally, today’s leading edge solutions integrate with major marketing automation and CRM platforms to amplify the efforts by closing the loop to revenue.

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