8 Event Management Trends

management_trends.pngCertain’s CEO, Peter Micciche, was recently asked to share his perspective on the top trends in event management industry.  His responses were featured in The Definitive Guide to Event Marketing, a publication produced by the Inc. 500’s leading marketing software vendor, Marketo.

Here we overview each of the 8 trends, as featured in the Marketo guide, and over the next few weeks we’ll be blogging on each trend in greater detail.  (Check back here for links to the full blog posts as they are published.)

1. Shift in mindset from logistics to business value.
The meetings and events industry is in the midst of a significant transformation. Event professionals are shifting focus away from a traditional emphasis on operational excellence, logistics, and expense management toward the true value of events as sales and marketing enablers. This means event professionals must join marketers and business executives to determine the business goals of each event and evaluate success against those goals.

2. Mobile and social driving engagement.
Companies are relying on mobile apps and integrated social media to accompany and enhance every aspect of an event. New event planning technologies are being utilized for easy online registration, customized communication with attendees, and the extension of an event’s life beyond the actual venue.

3. Managing event and supplier spend.
Companies are incredibly discerning about how their event budget is spent. It’s necessary to justify the time and funds required to send representatives to a live conference or tradeshow. Cost plays a role on the event planning side of the equation as well. Event managers rely on complete event management platforms to effectively plan an engaging, informative event from start to finish that demonstrates clear value for prospective attendees.

4. It’s about measurable business value.
Companies put their dollars where they see value and they must be able to quantify a return on the investment required to execute an event or to send attendees to an event. It’s crucial for event managers to prove the tangible and intangible value to all stakeholders.

5. Green meetings are the new normal.
Registration packets, informational pamphlets, and heavy binders with hundreds of pages of data, spreadsheets, and presentations are things of the past. From conference specific apps to customized emails to social media communications, events are going digital, which means they are becoming more and more eco-friendly.

6. Engagement management is the new event management.
One-way communication is no longer acceptable for event attendees. Giving voice to the attendee is the only way to create strong engagement. Communicating with attendees from the first invitation to post-event communities, engaging them through real-time polls, mobile apps, social media, and enabling attendees to network with the individuals they deem most important is the only way to sustain and build an event audience.

7. Lines between face-to-face and digital are blurred.
Online and virtual technologies can expand an event’s reach and create opportunities to connect globally with on-site attendees and those participating remotely. Online communities, virtual events, and hybrid events (virtual and in-person) are commonplace as event organizers respond to the increasingly digital world.

8. “Live” events are here to stay.
Though virtual technology is making a name for itself in events, traditional face-to-face meeting and events continue to drive the largest audiences. In fact, they’ve become even more important in this connected-yet disconnected age.

As 2013 gets underway, how will you address these event management trends? What solutions will you call upon to help you? At Certain, we offer a comprehensive event management solution that enables organizations to easily plan, promote, manage and track events in an integrated, cloud-based SaaS platform.

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