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Published in Content Marketing category on (12/08/2015)

9 Events for Marketing Sharks to Kill It: The 2016 Event Marketing Calendar for Big Fish [INFOGRAPHIC]



In event marketing, it’s as if you’re swimming through murky water, and you’re trying to make your presence known, attracting like-minded fish, and not getting eaten by bigger fish. We realize that every marketer is like a fish in an expansive sea. It’s easy to get lost in a giant school of fish, and it’s very difficult to stand out. Certain wants to help navigate those waters with this list and infographic calendar of marketing events, so that you can identify other big fish and swim in the big leagues.

If you’re a big fish in the marketing pond, you’re not following the trends, you’re making them. So what events are for stars of the sea and which are for sad shrimps? #Don’tTakeTheBait

While most event marketers have their own list of events they think they need to attend, this is an insider’s guide on top events, providing information on who will be there, why you should go, and the target audience for each. In fact, our list and calendar infographic illustrate which fish to keep your eye out for and when you should start migrating to top events throughout the year.

Start swimming through our 2016 Marketing Event Calendar of Big Fish!

Reflecting on the best events of 2015, we know that it’s important for every marketer to define what “best” means to them. Here’s what we took into consideration when deciding which events will be for marketing sharks in 2016:

Going against the stream:

There are obvious reasons to go to marketing events, such as networking, lead generation, etcetera. But premier events go beyond the safe school of fish. Premier events are global meeting places, take you from where you are to where you want to go, and re-imagine the attendee experience.

Different strokes for different folks:

Whether you’re in marketing operations, demand generation, or running email marketing campaigns, an essential event needs to provide valuable takeaways for everyone on your marketing team.

Diversity of fish:

Each of the events that made our cut offer something that the others on our list do not.

Here are the big fish of marketing events for masters of the deep:



Whether it’s learning how to enhance customer experiences, discovering a new set of analytical tools, or getting creative inspiration, all of these events challenge marketers to think outside of the box. After reading our top 9 Events for Marketing Sharks to Kill It, we hope that you’re ready to rock your own marketing ecosystem. And who knows, maybe with the help of Certain, you’ll be ready to make our top events list next year!



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