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Aseem Badshah Aseem Badshah is the Founder and CEO of Socedo, a demand generation system that helps marketers discover, engage and qualify leads through social media to increase revenue at scale. Aseem has been a leader in the social media marketing space for more than 8 years. Before Socedo, Aseem founded Uptown Treehouse, a marketing agency for Fortune 500 brands focused on social media. You can learn more from Aseem at

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Tips and Tricks for Using Social Media During Your Event

You’ve put the time in for planning your big event and you’ve used social media to generate buzz and interest. But how do you increase engagement on social media once you’ve got people in the door? There are lots of ways to engage with prospects through social media – and continue the conversation once your event has started.

How Proactive Social Media Outreach Gets People to Your Events

"Who else is going?”

This question almost always arises when trying to make plans of any kind. Even for the smallest of occasions, social proof can play a big part in generating interest. When it comes to large events – especially ones where networking is one of the primary values – social proof can be your greatest selling point.