Author: James Huddleston

James Huddleston James is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Certain and brings over 14 years of marketing and sales experience in B2B technology. James is responsible for leading the go-to-market of Certain’s innovative products and platform. In his spare time, James stays active enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area and rooting for the local sports teams with his wife and baby girl.

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4 Ways to Drive Breakthrough Results from Events [Webinar]

How do you drive breakthrough results from your events? While many companies tend to focus on everything leading up to an event like driving registrations, managing logistics and doing event setup, you should always keep in mind the ultimate goal—delivering leads and generating demand. So with that in mind, and the events season starting in earnest, I thought I would share some best practices of how you can drive breakthrough results from your events program

EventStream: The Demand Generation Holy Grail

I’ll admit it. I’m a marketing technology geek. I’m always on the lookout for the latest cool, innovative technologies that can help my demand generation and marketing team become even more productive and successful.