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Michael Earley Michael Earley is Certain's Senior Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in the lead management and marketing automation fields. His passion is in making seemingly complex or difficult tasks simple and fun and helping to take the headaches out of peoples lives through automating marketing processes.

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Event Marketing Metrics You Should Review For Successful Events

As a Product Manager at Certain, I realize the importance of marketing metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and how to measure successful events. In high-performing marketing teams, success is not measured by lead volume, but by lead quality. So marketers are not only tasked with crafting quality content, but in honing in on their unique persona-set, capturing data that provides marketers with the information that they need to send out personalized follow-up campaigns, and then ensuring that this data is tracked, leveraged, and most importantly, delivers results.

Scale Your Events in Under 5 Minutes with Oracle Eloqua and EventStream

What if you could scale your events and launch an event marketing campaign in only five minutes in Oracle Eloqua? Sounds too good to be true? Launching events and creating highly targeted marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be time-intensive, difficult work. We’ll show you how to implement these types of campaigns in minutes at our Oracle Eloqua User Group. Come to Certain’s headquarters on August 4th and we’ll provide you with marketing shortcuts and best practices to maximize the efficiency of your event marketing workflow.

Marketing Automation Best Practices and Keys to Event Success

Previously, I covered the 7 Top Challenges that Marketing Automation Eliminates and how marketing automation gives you a true 360-degree view of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle. Now that you understand how messy data, too many systems, and IT dependence can hinder the success of marketers, I want to dive into best practices in order for your marketing and event automation systems to work well together. Then, I’ll discuss next steps, and inform you of the ways that you will be able to use EventStream to further streamline your workflow.

7 Top Marketing Challenges that Marketing Automation Eliminates

Welcome to Marketing and Event Automation 360: Our 3-part series on marketing automation and event automation integration. Join Mike Earley, Certain’s Product Manager, as he analyzes the top marketing challenges that data-driven marketers face, and how event and marketing automation can eliminate these pain-points.  This 3-part feature will kick-off our Event and Marketing Automation Benchmark report, where we provide detailed industry metrics on how marketers are currently using event and marketing automation.