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Michelle Threadgould Michelle is a Content Marketing Manager with 10 years of editorial experience. She searches for what makes a story necessary, original, and engaging to the reader. As a content marketer, she has worked for digital marketing agencies and tech startups in the B2B space, and at Certain, she works on crafting content that fellow marketers can use to simplify their event and marketing strategies.

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Pre-Scheduling Appointments Is Hard. Dealertrack Proves it Doesn’t Have to Be [Video Case Study]

Picture this: you’re exhibiting at one of your largest revenue-generating events of the year and your check-in time exceeds two minutes and the line at your booth is 20 people deep. Your check-in process is slow, leading to a backup of your pre-scheduled appointments. Slow check-in creates a stressful environment for your attendees, booth staff, and sales team, and negatively affects the user experience. So how can you optimize your check-in process at crucial events to maximize sales and marketing opportunities? Dealertrack, the largest automotive solution provider faced this exact problem. However, by leveraging Certain’s Event Automation, Dealertrack decreased event check-in time by 50% and easily reached their aggressive sales goals.

Get Ahead in 2017 Instead of Making New Year’s Resolutions

Do you ever feel like coming up with New Year’s resolution ideas and making career goals actually prevents you from reaching your ideals? Think about it: how often have you created a list of what you want to accomplish in a year, only to fall utterly short. The list sits on your desk, or on a crisp piece of expensive stationary, in your best handwriting, tacked onto your cubicle wall, almost mocking your effort and commitment. Why is there such a gap between what we want to do and what we can do?

Your Secret Weapon for Holiday Event Planning in Silicon Valley

What if you could cut your planning time in half for your next Silicon Valley event? Well, now you can with our holiday event planning kit! It features a master event plan, top Silicon Valley locations, and tips and themes for throwing your next event that’ll wow your attendees.

How to Boost Marketing Engagement During the Holidays with Targeted Outreach

Are you looking to increase marketing engagement during the winter months? You’re not alone, the myth of the B2B marketing slump during the holidays is a strong misconception, when in reality, successful B2B companies often experience a holiday spike in sales if they plan properly. So how can you leverage targeted outreach, events, and marketing strategies to rake in sales before the end of your quarter?

SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2016: What to Expect

Certain is looking forward to presenting at SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2016 from November 15th-17th, in Austin, Texas, where B2B marketers and sales leaders can gain insights on industry trends, best practices, and access to latest research, including information on new models and frameworks specific to their field. The conference also offers invaluable sessions on increasing sales and marketing productivity, alignment, and reaching aggressive pipeline goals. As the conference kicks off, we are excited to share case studies from our customers, Microsoft and National Instruments, on how Event Automation has helped them foster a culture of agility and optimize their events to accelerate the buyer’s journey.

2016 State of B2B Event Marketing Statistics [Supergraphic]

When creating your event marketing strategy, do you ever wish you had statistics and a benchmark to measure your B2B event marketing best practices? Certain released our 2016 Event and Marketing Automation Benchmark Report earlier this year, where we asked top marketing professionals about their event marketing standards, best practices, and processes. The report was an excellent tool to establish how your company measures up against marketing industry leaders. And so, with the data that we captured, we are now releasing a tipsheet for you to easily reference and inform your event marketing gameplan.

Sneak Peek of Forrester Event Research

Have you ever heard, “events accelerate the buyer’s journey” and wondered... how? You’re not alone, and new Forrester research, which we will be sharing in our webinar: 5 Minutes to Pipeline: How to Convert Event Buying Signals into Revenue, will provide you with actionable intelligence to do just that.

Best Booth Design and Strategy We Saw at Dreamforce

When we attended Dreamforce, we were wowed by how Salesforce used a fully integrated marketing approach to flawlessly execute their flagship event; from their trailblazing theme to their highly informative sessions, and, of course, their wide array of exhibitors with the most innovative booth designs. For four days, Dreamforce took over the Bay Area, with networking parties, excellent examples of ambush marketing, live entertainment, and of course, their technology conference, the event itself. So, what aspect of Dreamforce had the most amount of star power and shined the brightest? The answer is: exceptional booth experiences.