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Published in Event Automation category on (11/11/2016)

2016 State of B2B Event Marketing Statistics [Supergraphic]


Arming Yourself with Event Marketing Best Practices

When creating your event marketing strategy, do you ever wish you had statistics and a benchmark to measure your B2B event marketing best practices? Certain released our 2016 Event and Marketing Automation Benchmark Report earlier this year, where we asked top marketing professionals about their event marketing standards, best practices, and processes. The report was an excellent tool to establish how your company measures up against marketing industry leaders. And so, with the data that we captured, we are now releasing a tipsheet for you to easily reference and inform your event marketing gameplan.

If you’re looking for top tips when it comes to event marketing, there are many key components to a successful strategy that you need to keep in mind. Do you have a fully optimized event registration landing page? By that, I mean, establishing clear and inviting CTAs, short form fields, and strategic use of images and videos to invite your prospects to click through and register. Along with an event registration landing page that drives conversions, you also need an email marketing strategy for your event that includes your plans for pre-event, during event, and post-event follow-up.

Want to hear good news? According to our benchmark report and tipsheet, 70% of marketers already have best practices in place in regards to event email marketing. This means that marketers are maximizing conversion opportunities and developing fully integrated event and marketing automation campaigns with a regular cadence, which includes reminder emails and follow-up campaigns. However, this also means that 30% of marketers could better leverage event and marketing automation to develop targeted nurture tracks through their marketing and event automation platforms to send personalized recommendations based on attendee behavior, session attendance, and event registrations.

This brings us to another point, which is that marketers could improve all of the ways that they capture event data. Certain’s benchmark report also revealed that 55% of marketers are not aware of the different types of event data that they can capture through their event automation system. So what are the types? Booth visits, product demonstrations, session attendance, and whether or not an attendee took a poll or survey are valuable forms of event data that indicate interest level, and how far along your prospect is in the buyer’s journey. When this information is synced into your marketing automation system, this can trigger an invitation to a private dinner, create a notification with product recommendations, or launch email campaigns with content like whitepapers of guides that provide in-depth information based on your prospect’s interests.

So, Certain’s 2016 Event Marketing Statistics Sheet provides you with a quickly scannable and readable way to measure yourself against industry leaders and establish where you should concentrate your efforts to improve your event marketing strategy. It highlights marketer’s strengths and weaknesses and gives marketer’s a bird’s eye view of the event marketing industry. Read our tipsheet, and if you want more in-depth information about the state of event marketing, download our report!  



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