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Published in Podcast category on (05/14/2013)

Betsy Zikakis Podcast on Accelerating Revenue with Events

In a time when customers are in charge of the buying process, marketers must understand and deliver real value to empower customers and build lasting relationships. Certain’s own VP of Marketing, Betsy Zikakis shares insight on how her fellow CMOs and marketers can influence the buying process and revenue cycle with events. Designed well, events can enable marketers to meet buyers where they are in the buying process, help them educate themselves, and more rapidly move themselves toward purchasing. Learn how to take a different approach to your marketing plan and start driving revenue with events today.

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Sue Mackimmie
Event Sales & Marketing Specialist




Sue: Welcome to Certain’s 5 minute Skinny where we talk about Event Technology in today’s business environment. I am Sue MacKimmie your host for this edition of 5 minute Skinny. Today we are speaking with Betsy Zikakis, VP of Marketing at Certain Inc. Welcome Betsy.

Betsy: Thanks Sue it’s good to be here.

Sue: Thanks for joining us. So Betsy as a former Chief Marketing Officer and a current VP of Marketing at Certain, what’s your view on how events drive revenue?

Betsy: You know I think today in the context of the marketing problem or the marketing challenge; events have a huge opportunity to drive revenue. To back out and think about, we as marketers are more and more responsible for the revenue line. And we are responsible in an era where the customers are in charge. Customers can go out to the internet and find all kinds of information. They can connect through social media with existing customers of our products and services. They can connect with product experts. And so they really can move themselves pretty far along the buying process before they ever talk us. In fact I think Forrester says they can get themselves 70 to 90 percent through that process.

So you think of the challenge for a marketer, and trying to drive this revenue process and accelerate revenue.  What marketers have to do today is meet these buyers where they are. They have to give them the information they need to educate themselves and move themselves through pipeline. So if you take that as a context. And then you think about events, unlike any other marketing channel events actually let you get closer to your customers. Events let you deliver this important information. They let you build connections among people. So that these prospects or these buyers can get more information from them. And they also let you take existing customers and get them to be enthusiasts, so we can take in existing customers, get them out of their day to day business, immerse them in our brand, immerse them with our messaging. Get them excited so now they go out and promote our product to their networks.

Sue: Fantastic.

Betsy: So when you think about events, what really events can do is they can take a customer if they are executed well, they can take a customer wherever they are in the buying process, deliver the information they need, connect them with other people and help them propel themselves through the buying process.

Sue: Fantastic. And how do you think that process can be accelerated?

Betsy: You know, I think what is happening right now without really powerful event technology. Marketers just keep executing events the same way.

Sue: Yeah.

Betsy: You know we are building these events for the masses, they are expensive so we focus on the cost, they are complicated, more than any other marketing program, so we focus on the logistics.  And what we really should be focusing on is the attendee experience. And so to help that to accelerate that process we really need to take a different look at how we are designing and executing events. They need to be designed for individual attendee types. They need to then be supported in a way so that those attendees can come to the event and actually attach and get the content they need to get to. And actually reach out beyond their existing networks and get to the people they would like to meet with. We really need to redefine how we are looking at events so that we can execute them more for individual peoples’ needs.

Sue: That’s fantastic, so if you want to find out more about event technology and how it can streamline event management and event marketing processes please find us at where you can download our CMO white paper on accelerating revenue with events and much, much more.

Come visit us again to hear more about Event Technology topics on our 5 minute Skinny sponsored by Certain Inc.

As always, I’m your host, Sue MacKimmie, Event Sales & Marketing Specialist. Thank you for listening.

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