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Published in Podcast category on (06/12/2013)

Brad Kofoed Podcast on MMC Partner Program

Certain Inc. Certified MMC Program offers Agencies, PCO’s, and MMCs a true partnership that provides the technology, pricing structure, support, and marketing opportunities to drive their business. In today’s business environment expertise is needed in all areas in order to stay competitive and grow. Certain Inc.’s Senior Director of Alliances, Brad Kofoed shares what the benefits are of being partnered with Certain Inc. While we focus on excelling in cutting edge event technology offerings, it gives our partners the opportunity to shine as the Meeting Management Company that provides top of the line experiences for all their customers.

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Sue MacKimmie
Event Sales & Marketing Specialist





Sue: Welcome to Certain’s  5 Minute Skinny where we talk about event technology in today’s business environment. I am Sue MacKimmie, your host for this edition of 5 Minute Skinny and I am being joined today by Brad Kofoed, Senior Director of Alliances, for Certain Inc. Thank you for joining us on the 5 Minute Skinny.

Brad: My pleasure, thank you.

Sue: So today, we are going to be talking about the Certain Partner Program. And, Brad, how do Partner Programs help Meeting Management Companies to grow their business?

Brad: Well, Partner Programs are designed to help companies focus on their core. You know every business guru out there will say that if you want to be successful you have to identify what is your core and then focus on that.  Most of the Meeting Management Companies that I deal with and the agencies, you ask them what their core focus is or their expertise is and they will say it’s either service and or branding. So, our Partner Program is designed to allow them to focus on their strengths; service and branding. Certain’s focus is on technology.  We are a pure technology company.  And that’s our focus. We are not going to compete with our Meeting Management partners. We are going to deliver world class technology today. I mean, imagine we’ve got a whole division of software developers building great technology so that we can provide you the ability to support your clients today, but we are also building the technology that’s going to be in demand 12 months from now and 24 months from now and we are investing a tremendous amount of money and time into that effort.

Sue: So instead of Meeting Management Companies focusing on just being technology experts they can focus on their core competencies so other than technology, what are other benefits from a marketing perspective that someone could get by being a partner?

Brad: Well, this is one thing that I think is more exciting about our program. When we are recruiting Meeting Management partners we don’t need to have every Meeting Management Company to be our partner; however, those that are our partners, we want them to win their deals. So, we are going into true partnership with them where we are listing them in our directory so our current customers, and our prospects and others out in the universe can find these partners as a resource; people that are certified in our same platform that are used by global companies. And then in addition, we want to collaborate we want to figure out what are the other things to help drive business. So, we want to come up with joint media releases or collaborate around tradeshow events and other things, whatever we can do to help our partners grow their business.

Sue: So, something like RFP Process?

Brad: Yes that is a perfect example, I am working with one partner right now who has a very complicated RFP and the technology piece of it is not necessarily their area of expertise and in the past they’ve had to figure that out. We sell this technology to global companies all the time so we want our partners to win the deal, and it benefits us because if our partner wins those deals they will be on the frontlines giving a lot of support that enables us to focus on technology and help our partners really provide the service that is their core competency to those clients.

Sue: That makes a lot of sense. So how can a Meeting Management Company become a partner of Certain’s?

Brad: We need to have a conversation. Like I said, it’s not going to fit everybody but top tier Meeting Management Companies that are interested in taking advantage of our technology they need to reach out to us, there’s a link on our website that they can fill out.  Or they can give me a call anytime.  I would be more than happy to speak with them and in fact if they email I will get that email directly.

Sue: That’s great, thanks for the insight Brad, if you want to find out more about how to become a partner of Certain please come visit us at and go to the partner’s tab. And as Brad said, you can email him at Come visit with us again to hear about event technology topics on our 5 Minute Skinny sponsored by Certain Inc.  As always I am your host, Sue MacKimmie, Event Sales and Marketing Specialist and thank you for listening.


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