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Published in Podcast category on (07/09/2013)

5 Minute Skinny – Brad Kofoed on the Event Success Hub

As event technology advances, it is important to continue to build strong relationships with partners and customers. Keeping partners and customers up-to-date on services and technologies is crucial for creating successful events. In this edition of 5 Minute Skinny with Sue MacKimmie, she talks with Brad Kofoed, Senior Director of Alliances for Certain Inc. They discuss the Event Success Hub and how it benefits professionals and marketers. Learn how the Events Success Hub acts as an ecosystem and ultimately leads to further connections.

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Sue MacKimmie
Event Sales & Marketing Specialist







Sue: Welcome to Certain’s 5 Minute Skinny where we talk about event technology in today’s business environment. I am Sue MacKimmie, your host for this edition of The 5 Minute Skinny. I am being joined today by Brad Kofoed, Senior Director of Alliances for Certain Inc. Thank you for joining us on the 5 Minute Skinny Brad.

Brad: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

Sue: Today we are talking about the Certain Event Success Hub. What is the purpose of the Events Success Hub?

Brad: Let me first start by explaining the Certain platform, which is really the core technology for successful delivery of events for a lot of our customers and partners that deliver events for their clients. We are core to that process. However, we don’t do everything. And there are a lot of things that are necessary for the complete and comprehensive delivery of successful events and meetings.

Sue: Like an ecosystem?

Brad: Well yeah, like an ecosystem. There are complementary services and technologies and other things that meeting professionals require to really deliver the full gamut of services that they want to deliver. We are cognizant to that fact and we need to create an environment where the people that we work with come to us and say, ‘What else can we do to make our clients or our internal clients more successful?’ At Certain we have close to a thousand customers, and then we also have partners that sell Certain technology as part of what they do. We wanted to create an environment with other partners where we can make it easy for our customers and for our partners to find those technologies and services; technologies and services, in essence, that we are familiar with and recognize their value. And we help frame the content in a way that communicates their value to the events industry.

Sue: So how does it work?

Brad: It’s interesting, it works really well. The idea is we create an ecosystem of partners. And again, we are not going to have every technology or every services company. There is a filtering process, but those that come into the ecosystem are partners that we feel have value to add to our customers and our partners. And so we bring them in; we put them in our directory where they are able to promote their business to our customers and our partners. We also engage with some of those through a webinar series and look for other ways to communicate their value to our partners and customers through our newsletter as well as other vehicles. The idea behind it, one might ask, ‘Why would you do this?’ Well in addition to being able to help our clients and partners become more successful, we also get a lot of value out of the interconnection we have with these partners. We are, after all, in the sales business ourselves, so by having these connections we are able to develop these relationships. And business is about relationships.

Sue: Extending the reach.

Brad: Yes, extending the reach. We are able to build relationships and we think this is a healthy way to do it. So in the end it helps us increase our growth and win rates by having friends in the industry. It becomes a win-win, we are the first givers in this relationship, but it becomes a win-win scenario.

Sue: So how do you think the success hub benefits event professionals and marketers?

Brad: When an event professional is asked by a demanding client, ‘I want something different’ or ‘Here is what I want,’ and because we are core in their world, we are in a logical place for them to reach. Many times we get phone calls asking where to find X. We are going to beat them to the punch and we are going to be telling them, ‘Here are some new ideas you might look at to enhance the quality of your events or enhance your service.’ We are trying to create and deliver some ideas for them. And of course the directory will be there for them when they do have that inkling and say, ‘I need to go find a provider that provides some type of services technology.

Sue: So it’s sort of a recommendation of trusted partners of Certain?

Brad: Not just trusted but they are relevant; relevant to the success of the events. You are not going to have every type of company in there, but there has to be a relevance to the success of events or to event marketing or some aspect of being more successful.

Sue: Great, thanks for your insight Brad. If you want to find out more about becoming a success hub partner of Certain or looking for event technology please visit us at and click on the Partner’s tab. You can also email Brad at Come visit us again to hear more event technology topics sponsored by Certain Inc. Again, I am Sue MacKimmie, Event Sales and Marketing Specialist. Thank you for listening.

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