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Published in Branding category on (10/04/2016)

Ambush Marketing: the 2016 of Guerrilla Marketing

While I’m at Dreamforce, I’m recalling when I first started my job as an editor at a New York lifestyle magazine, one of the first questions that I was asked by my Editor in Chief was: do you know what guerilla marketing is? This was back in 2008 before ambush marketing was a thing, when blogs were “new,” web design was clunky, and phrases like ‘below the fold’ actually held weight. So, I poured over copies of Adweek, I bought a book on guerilla marketing, and soon, I was that annoying editor adding comments on popular blogs and articles like: “Great post, for more information on top fashion trends, read [Insert my magazine’s article].” Every time I hit the comment button, even if I was providing valuable information or a link to an article that readers might actually enjoy, I felt skeezy. Where was the line between being helpful and being self-promotional? Instead of feeling like I was using an innovative form of social networking, I felt like I was spamming the comments section. It made me wonder, is guerilla marketing for everyone? Where does good personal branding end and bad form begin?

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Published in Branding category on (09/28/2016)

How to Network at Dreamforce 2016

Want to learn how to network at Dreamforce 2016? With this event right around the corner, it’s important to gear up and prepare yourself so you can network effectively. Networking at events is a crucial component in meeting prospects, strengthening partner relationships, and expanding your industry knowledge. Events are excellent opportunities to accomplish these objectives. With such a large group of people who share interests in similar products and services all in one place at one time, it makes them a very efficient way for you to meet people in your field, and learn first-hand from prospects, customers, and vendors.

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Published in Branding category on (05/03/2016)

#MME16 Recap: Tyra Teaches Marketers How to Make Bank at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016

The Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 was the embodiment of an event done right, so event marketers: take notes! It was informative, it was imaginative, and most of all, it was on-brand. What does that mean? Oracle’s event showcased the talented speakers (shout-out to Tyra Banks!), panelists, and sessions that are representative of their brand values. Oracle highlighted a customer first experience, and each presenter spoke in their own voice, from Zach King’s “Curiosity, Clean, Contagious” to Sears’ marketing mantra of “Recognize, Remember, Relate, Recommend.” Whether you were attending a session or a keynote, the overarching message I received is that the Oracle Marketing Cloud is committed to helping its customers transform their organizations so that they can relate to their customers with authenticity. If I were to summarize the theme of the conference, it would be: Oracle realized its brand promise through excellent execution of their event and amplified their customers’ voices.

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