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Published in Business Value category on (04/11/2013)

Combating the 3 Biggest Corporate Event Challenges

Combating the 3 Biggest Corporate Event Challenges Meetings, conferences, user groups, seminars, and the entire spectrum of corporate events hold a unique place in the marketing mix.  With customers in charge of the buying cycle and quick to filter out unwanted advertising, companies that utilize events can benefit from a channel that encourages meaningful exchanges […]

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Published in Business Value category on (03/18/2013)

5 Ways to Bring Events into the B2B Revenue Cycle

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” The famous quote that never was (Deming never actually said it) has made its way into hearts and minds of business. Perhaps it is because seemingly everything can be measured these days that there is little patience for any activity that cannot be measured. But regardless of the […]

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Published in Business Value category on (02/26/2013)

Delivering Measurable Business Value from Meetings and Events

An Event Management Imperative Companies put their dollars where they see value and they must be able to quantify a return on the investment required to execute an event or to send attendees to an outside event. Therefore, it is crucial for event managers to prove tangible and intangible value to all stakeholders. How is […]

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