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Published in CEO Corner category on (07/10/2012)

“Engagement Management” is the New Event Management

One of the big findings from the July 2012 Aberdeen Group study on emerging strategies for the Next Generation of Meetings and Events Management (sponsored in part by Certain, Inc.) is the idea that for organizations to achieve best-in-class performance they must transform the notion of “event management” into “engagement management.” Exactly what does “engagement management” mean? Engagement […]

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Published in CEO Corner category on (02/09/2012)

Is it time for a Chief Events Officer (CVO)?

Jane Holloway, the new CEO of F500 Inc. called a meeting with her Chief Marketing Officer, Rob Lopez and laid out a very ambitious vision positioning the company in the New Year and her goals for brand enhancement.  In a short period of time, Jane wanted employees, customers, partners and industry influencers on a worldwide […]

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Published in CEO Corner category on (01/31/2012)

The Pyramid of Events Business Value

“Annuit Coeptis” or “He approves our undertakings” are the words surrounding the Eye of Providence on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and on the US dollar bill. The pyramids of course, were early massive structures designed to house royal tombs and religious temples. The design called for the bulk of […]

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