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virtual events

Published in Digital Marketing category on (12/10/2020)

Certain’s Virtual Event Marketing Checklist Part One: Pre-Event

Virtual & Hybrid Event Marketing Checklist: Pre-Event Phase (at least three months before the virtual event)   2020 will go down as the year that universally brought virtual events into greater prominence for businesses. For many marketing teams, strategizing and executing virtual events has been an all-new playing field. And while many marketers have seen […] (Read More)


Published in Account Based Marketing category on (05/20/2020)

Why ABM Should be at the Center of Your Digital Events Strategy

With the recent increase in digital and hybrid events, event professionals and marketers have been faced with a number of questions as they map out their strategies for the year ahead. How do you truly personalize an attendee experience when the event goes digital? And how can you offer each individual attendee some semblance of […] (Read More)

social media

Published in Content Marketing category on (05/11/2020)

Using Social Media to Increase Engagement at Digital Events

This new decade of events may not be what we had in mind, but with our world being more virtual than ever, social media can make a huge difference in the way we stay connected. With many companies transitioning to digital events, platforms like Instagram or Twitter can completely influence the way attendees are virtually […] (Read More)