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Published in Demand Generation category on (06/24/2016)

Marketing Report: How Do Your Events Measure Up Against Your Competitors?

According to our newly released event marketing benchmark report, 82% of marketers consider event ROI a valuable metric in defining event success. Event marketers, demand generation specialists, content marketers, and sales teams have the shared goal of generating revenue from events, but what does it take in order to achieve event success? How are other industry leaders in your field defining event success leads generated, press mentions, brand awareness, MQLs, or SQLs? More importantly: how do your event and marketing automation processes and best practices stack up against enterprise companies in your field? What’s their secret to event success?

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Published in Demand Generation category on (05/27/2016)

What Is Data-Driven Marketing and How Does It Improve Your Event ROI?

What is data-driven marketing, how can event marketers effectively use it to drive conversions, and why does it matter? For decades marketers were forced to launch campaigns while blindly relying on gut instinct and hoping for the best. That all changed with the digitization of business and an increasingly demanding and digitally connected consumer. Now more than ever, there is a greater urgency to develop data-driven marketing campaigns as organizations have come under increasing pressure to deliver results or ROI for their marketing spend. To be successful in this landscape, a modern marketing campaign must integrate a range of intelligent approaches to identify customers, segment, measure results, analyze data and build upon feedback in real time.

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