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Published in Engagement category on (12/13/2012)

Why People Attend Events and What It Means to Your Engagement Strategy

Organizers strive to increase attendee engagement to better the long-term success of an event. When people are involved, committed, and satisfied, they will return again, refer others, and have an overall positive impression of the brand or company behind the event. Organizers and sponsors are often very clear on their own agendas for a particular […]

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Published in Engagement category on (12/11/2012)

Building Participant Engagement by Understanding How Adults Learn

Not only is stronger engagement a goal of many events, it is one of the biggest factors affecting adult learning. Many events and meetings are about transferring knowledge or “teaching” participants something. Adult learning theories offer insight into how event presenters and organizers can more deeply engage an audience so participants will leave more fulfilled […]

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Published in Engagement category on (12/06/2012)

What Is Engagement and Why Does It Matter to Event Organizers?

Attendee engagement gets a lot of attention in the events and meetings industry. The reason for this focus on engagement is clear when you consider that customers demand greater value than ever, and earning customer loyalty is never a simple endeavor. Some consider engagement a form of “attention” where we’re looking to capture the attention […]

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