Event Management

Bring Your Event Management into the 21st Century [Webinar]

Every day when I open my social channels or email, I’m barraged by news of the latest cool and innovative technology that brings us closer to complete digitization. While I am awed by how rapidly digital transformation is progressing and how much it is impacting B2B marketing, I can’t help but think that there is still one marketing program that hasn’t yet caught up—in-person events.

How to Generate 900 Sales Qualified Leads Before Your Event Even Begins [Case Study]

If you’re in Demand Generation these days, chances are you’re struggling to generate leads to meet both lead quotas and revenue goals in your event program. According to HubSpot’s recent Demand Generation Benchmark Report, the “majority of companies are generating fewer than 500 leads per month” and “79% of all marketing leads never convert into sales.” For these reasons, 68% of B2B marketers say increasing the quality of leads is a top priority alongside quantity.

EventStream: The Demand Generation Holy Grail

I’ll admit it. I’m a marketing technology geek. I’m always on the lookout for the latest cool, innovative technologies that can help my demand generation and marketing team become even more productive and successful.

SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2016: What to Expect

Certain is looking forward to presenting at SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2016 from November 15th-17th, in Austin, Texas, where B2B marketers and sales leaders can gain insights on industry trends, best practices, and access to latest research, including information on new models and frameworks specific to their field. The conference also offers invaluable sessions on increasing sales and marketing productivity, alignment, and reaching aggressive pipeline goals. As the conference kicks off, we are excited to share case studies from our customers, Microsoft and National Instruments, on how Event Automation has helped them foster a culture of agility and optimize their events to accelerate the buyer’s journey.

Sneak Peek of Forrester Event Research

Have you ever heard, “events accelerate the buyer’s journey” and wondered... how? You’re not alone, and new Forrester research, which we will be sharing in our webinar: 5 Minutes to Pipeline: How to Convert Event Buying Signals into Revenue, will provide you with actionable intelligence to do just that.

Why Integrating Event and Marketing Automation is Key to Scaling Events

69% of B2B marketers consider in-person events effective, making the need to scale events one of the most important strategies for modern marketers. Events present great opportunities to promote your product, network, and collect rich data that can then be used later by your marketing and sales teams. Because of new technology, events have become a wealth of attainable information, and by utilizing marketing and event automation, you can increase lead conversion and scale your events across your enterprise. Here is an overview of the valuable tips you will learn in our How Marketing and Event Automation Help You Scale Enterprise Events guide.

How to Develop Killer Event Agendas and Content for Award Winning Events

Developing session topics, event agendas, and event content to create an award winning event experience is challenging. Marketers are constantly scaling the content marketing burden, dealing with multiple, competing deadlines at any given moment, and every project we complete needs sign-off from a variety of stakeholders, all of whom have different perspectives and needs. And that’s only internally! Additionally, you have the needs of prospects and attendees to deal with when crafting an event content strategy, and the question that haunts every marketer: how can my message rise above the rest?  

Learn to Optimize Your Event Registration Landing Page

Are you having trouble developing a high converting landing page for your event registration page? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Visitors spend 3-5 seconds on a landing page before deciding to learn more, or leave. That doesn’t leave much margin for error. Across industries, the average conversion rate of a landing pages was only 2.35%, and the top twenty-five percent of conversion rates are at 5.31% or higher. Knowing this, it becomes clear that having an effective landing page is important in generating leads and obtaining valuable data from website visits.