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Gather Digital Domestic Team 2017 – UPDATED

Published in Business Value category on (12/05/2017)

Right Time, Right Team – Bolstering Next Generation Mobile Development with Gather Digital

In today’s mobile-first world, marketing and sales professionals are focused on gathering real-time data signals from the buying journey and using those insights to drive measurable business results. It’s within this context that today Certain announced the acquisition of Gather Digital, a leader in developing next generation mobile event applications for enterprises, associations and educational […]

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Published in Events category on (08/01/2014)

How to Overcome the Challenges of Event Mobile Apps

Today’s event attendees expect a lot. They expect to be able to find event-related information quickly and easily, and connect with other participants throughout the course of the event. They expect technology to deliver what they need, when they need it, in response to their individual interests. Today’s organizations are equally demanding, expecting measurable ROI […]

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Published in Product Update category on (08/14/2013)

Increasing Pipeline Velocity with Events

Sales people are pipeline people. They’re interested in how many deals they have at each stage of the sales process, how many are expected to close this month, next month, next quarter, and beyond. They’re also tuned into pipeline velocity—the speed at which deals move from opportunity to close. The faster deals close, the sooner […]

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