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Published in Content Marketing category on (10/06/2016)

Email Marketing Best Practices for DF16 and Beyond


Lead Nurturing Tips for Creating More Click-Worthy Emails

After an event, successful lead nurturing with email marketing is both important and difficult to effectively implement. Attending DF16 as a marketer is a lot to take in. From the thousands of people, the various sessions and keynotes, and all the marketing campaigns focusing around Dreamforce i.e. after parties, lunches, etc. and networking while there, it can get intense, and a lot of preparation goes into it.

Creating and executing a high-converting follow-up email campaign is essential in making all your effort and hard work worth it. You don’t want all the networking, planning, and content creation to go down the drain and not bring in any follow-up leads right?

Knowing that email is both the most effective platform for building awareness and retention in target audiences and one of the hardest platforms to implement successfully, it begs the question “What are email marketing best practices and how can I use them to follow-up after Dreamforce?”

Continue reading to learn follow-up email marketing best practices that you can implement after Dreamforce (and any other post-event email campaigns) in order to make all your hard work worth it!

Create Relevant Subject Lines

The first step in creating effective follow-up emails is a good subject line, one that is relevant, eye-catching, or maybe witty.

Having a relevant subject line is one of the most important practices in creating a click-worthy email. If marketers spend more time creating subject lines that catch the reader’s eyes, the chances of them being discarded go down significantly. says that “The subject line is your gatekeeper, so 50% of email work should be spent crafting and testing different subject lines. You want to create an exciting but credible (not spammy or sales-heavy) subject that intrigues recipients.”

Subject lines also need to be clear and to the point. A confusing or strange subject line will not be opened! For example, give your email a subject line that directly talks about Dreamforce: What You Missed At Dreamforce 2016 or What We Learned at Dreamforce 2016. Those titles are not witty but they are intriguing. And the audience knows instantly that this email will be about Dreamforce and want to know more about what happened at that event.

Shoot for Clarity Before Cleverness

The body of an email also needs to be clear and to the point before it is clever. Sure, witty emails can be funny, and as everyone knows, people love comedy. However, if you are looking to increase email clicks, making your email body clear is an important step. Only after it is clear can you make it witty. No one wants to read something that doesn’t make any sense, even if it is funny.

Make it Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to read an entire novel either. A few good sentences will be worth more than a lengthy piece. If an email is too long, it won’t be read. Keeping it short leaves the reader with no doubt as to what their next step is. The goal of a marketing email is to get the reader to want to learn more. The key word here is “want.” Convince the reader that they are actually interested in learning more. Don’t try to force them. For a Dreamforce follow-up, make them want to hear more about it, or learn more about your company. Keep your email short and adapt your tone to the prospect at hand.

Keep it Relevant

The more relevant an email is, the more likely it will be read. “You can establish relevancy through personalization” ( Marketers should aim to find more information on their target in order to integrate that target’s interests into the email. The more relevant the information is to the reader, the more likely the reader will click through the email. So if an attendee visited your booth at Dreamforce, be sure to talk about that event in your follow-up emails!

Make it Personal

Sending out emails that feel more personal will increase open rates and increase leads generated after an event is over. Personality is key to a higher click-through rate and more leads generated. If you can create emails that have something in them that make the recipient feel like the email was sent to them, for them, you can guarantee success.

So how can you make an email, that is being sent out to hundreds of different prospects, personal?

  1. Address the prospect by name
  2. Leave a phone number for one of your company’s SDRs
  3. Include relevant photos from the event, i.e. your booth

By incorporating these 3 things into your emails, you can keep your emails personal and increase prospect engagement.

Include a CTA

CTA, or call to action, is very important in an email follow-up. So make sure your CTA is clear and makes your recipient want to click it. Also, having your CTA lead to something that is relevant, like an event registration landing page, is a must. If you send your prospect, from an email talking about Dreamforce, to a page that has to relevance whatsoever to that event, you can be sure that they will feel cheated. They spent time reading your email and truly wanted to learn more from, or about your company. But by sending them away, the chances of them becoming a customer go way down.

Set the Right Tone

Tone is important, especially with event follow-up emails. Remember, when you are going through your lead list from an event, some of the names will be those who attended events like Dreamforce and some did not. What you need to do is make sure you have created copy for two separate emails that have different tones pertaining to your target audience. One for those who attended and one for those who didn’t attend. And remember, It’s important to sounds friendly, or excited, but not sales-y.

Send an Email to New Contacts Within 24 Hours

You’re probably asking yourself, “within 24 hours of what?” Lindsay Kolowich says that, “You can really get a pulse of what future engagement will look like by what people do when you email then within 24 hours of their subscribing to your newsletter, signing up for an offer, and so on.” It is important to show readers that you are paying attention to them and what their wants and needs are. Contact them fast, while your product is still on their mind.

Although email is one of the most used marketing platforms, it is one of the hardest platforms with which to find success. Making sure you keep in mind these tips can help your emails receive more clicks, more reads, and more consumers. Email follow-up after an event like Dreamforce may be difficult, but creating a successful follow-up email marketing campaign, you can guarantee that all the time spent attending, planning events, and networking at Dreamforce (or any other event) won’t be wasted.

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