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Published in Appointment Matching category on (07/02/2015)

How to Make a “Big Bang”: Spark Engagement and Ignite Fireworks at Your Next Event

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There’s something about watching a spectacular fireworks show. Whether you are 5 or 65, fireworks have the power to grab our attention and hold us enthralled. They provide the exclamation point to a holiday that signifies American freedom and innovation. They encourage us to appreciate the history and perseverance that made our country what it is.

Like a great fireworks show, events should delight and engage attendees. Events must go beyond the standard fare gathering and deliver a “big bang” for the time and money people and organizations invest to attend.

Let’s face it. Event attendees, sponsors, and partners have come to expect more value from every event. Not only do they expect your events to deliver business value in the form of new connections and business opportunities, they also want to have an enjoyable time and be fully engaged in the experience.

As an event planner or marketer, the challenge is a big one. To drive attendee engagement and satisfaction, and deliver maximum business value for event participants, you need proven tactics. You need to delight and engage attendees, ignite connections between participants, and transform one-size-fits-all events into truly meaningful experiences.

As the Fourth of July approaches, we thought it was a perfect time to provide practical tips to help you create fireworks (the figurative kind) at your next event — to engage your attendees by providing real value.

Some of our top recommendations include:

Personalized Mobile Experiences

There’s no denying the pervasiveness of mobile in today’s society. That’s why you need a full-featured event mobile app that delivers personal agendas, up-to-date event information, and functionality to enable and encourage attendee participation and communication throughout your event.

Connection-Building Between Participants

According to a recent Certain survey, 50% of event attendees find networking the most productive aspect of an event. Appointments programs for events present an organized system for matching up event participants with one another and scheduling focused time for individuals to meet during the course of the event. Appointments programs don’t just spark “connections” between business attendees, they ignite “business fireworks.”

Attendee Involvement

Initiate polling, Q&A, and surveys directly through your event mobile app, into the hands of attendees, to keep them involved throughout the event. These are just a few easy and effective ways to build attendee engagement.

Automated Session and Activity Recommendations

Customers now expect companies to know enough about them to be able to target advertising and recommendations based on their unique profile and interests. The same goes for events. Use automation technology to deliver meaningful and targeted content, session and activity recommendations, and messaging to direct attendees to the sessions and activities they’ll find most valuable.

Taking these recommendations further, today we introduce two new tip sheets for event planners and marketers–each inspired by the Fourth of July holiday. Our event planning tip sheet, “4 Big Ways to Make a Big Bang At Your Next Event” highlights new ways to make your next event more memorable and successful. Our marketing tip sheet, “How to Ignite Fireworks Between Your Event Attendees”, focuses in on one-to-one appointments and how an appointments program can help event attendees and participants get more value out of your event.

From all of us at Certain, Happy Fourth!

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