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Published in Event Ideas category on (09/18/2014)

Creating Powerful Event Experiences with Certain and Validar


Historically, the events industry has been about logistics. Today, event professionals and marketers are coming together to recognize the different types of attendees coming to events and how best to use events to move these individuals along their buying path.

Knowing who your attendees are (for B2B events these are typically a variety of prospects and customers) and thinking in advance about the desired behaviors you want for each attendee type, is the place to start.

Thus, the job of today’s event professional and marketer is to ensure each attendee gets the content and connections they need to reach their goals–and in turn, your goals. At Certain, we partner with the leading marketing automation providers in the industry to give you the ability to pull data from those platforms into Certain so you can see exactly who you have at your event, by attendee type. In this way, you can start to look at how to engage those individuals and customize the experience for each.

We also partner with industry leaders, such as Validar, for lead capture, onsite registration, session tracking, and gathering attendee feedback.

Victor Kippes is CEO and co-founder of Validar. We invited him to join us for a live webinar earlier this month to explain how Validar augments the Certain event management platform.

He detailed how Validar can help answer these key questions:

  • Who’s here and why?
  • Where did they go?
  • What did they think?
  • How did we do?

“If it’s done right and it’s done well, your attendees should be treated based on what they tell you at the event,” Victor explained.

If your goal is to bring customers and prospects to your event to get them excited about your products and services, you won’t want to miss this webinar replay.

You’ll learn:

  • How to improve your attendee experiences
  • Gain greater lead intelligence
  • Deliver powerful and measurable event results
  • Improve sales and marketing follow-up

Watch the webinar now.


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