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Expert Series Blog (1)

Published in Event Mobile App category on (07/24/2018)

Event Expert Series: Polling

By Taylor Sisk

Expert: Leslie Boggs


In this series of blog posts, we are asking internal feature experts to do a deep-dive look at some of our most popular features and how they are being used to their fullest potential.

Yes, it’s true—technology is sometimes complicated, but in this installment of our Event Expert Series, we’re going to talk about how you can leverage technology to enhance interaction at your next event, and do it hassle-free.

We’re going to talk about live polling with immediate feedback.

The advancement of mobile event app technology for polling allows you to speak directly to your attendees, to get their feedback on your event as it unfolds and to respond to what they’re telling you. And it’s easy—the features to make this happen are built into your event app and anyone with a smartphone can participate. You’re instantly interacting.

Certain Touchpoint Senior Account Manager Leslie Boggs is going to tell us more.


Options with ease

“My favorite thing about polling is the instantaneous feedback administrators get from their captive audience,” Boggs says. “Surveys are, of course, a great way to gather information, and with live polling that feedback is immediate. It’s available to the people behind the scenes or it can be pushed to attendees as they’re responding.

“That real-time interactive data is so valuable.”

Live polling allows you, for example, to shape the content of a particular session based on what you’re learning from your audience, to generate questions for consideration throughout the event or to liven things up with trivia. An exportable report from the event app’s content management dashboard allows you to access the information you collect.

Use your in-app polling feature to easily handle your speaker Q&A session. The ability to moderate questions allows you to push the most relevant questions to the top. If time runs out, the speaker can follow up after the session with participants whose questions weren’t addressed. No more running around the room with a microphone in hand. And everyone gets to participate.

“Live polling is a tool to collect valuable real-time information, but it’s also just fun,” Boggs attests. “If you’re an attendee, you’re sitting in sessions all day, there’s a lot coming at you, and live polling is an interesting way to break things up while staying focused.

“And it’s very easy to use. You can set up polls ahead of time and let them be totally self-steering or you can enter a question on the fly and then push it out to some or all of your guests.”


The pulse of the room

Perhaps viewpoints have shifted as the event has proceeded. Or new directions of thought are emerging. That’s where Touchpoint’s Pulse feature comes in. It allows your guests to submit responses to live questions.

“Pulse gives you a snap measurement of the feeling in the room,” Boggs says. “Things like, ‘What’s the most important issue for us to focus on in the next quarter?’ You can also use Pulse to ask the same question before and after the event to see if attitudes have changed from beginning to end.

“And people on different tracks can be given different questions in the Pulse area. If it’s a live poll that’s agenda based, only those who have that agenda item on their schedule will see that poll.”


Expert Series P 


Seeing, believing

The feedback you gain from live polling may pertain to an immediate issue (“It’s cold in this room!”), be social in nature (“Who wants to meet at 6 in the morning for a run?”) or strategic (“Where do we go from here as an industry?”).  The choice is yours. Be creative.

“I’ve had clients who asked their guests what music should play when the keynote speaker walks to the podium, or what award you would give to a particular person. Little questions like that allow people to feel a part of things while also preparing them to get involved with the more substantive questions coming up.”

Take advantage of your options. “Set up the polls in advance of the event if you prefer,” Boggs says, “but if you want to give your speakers the power to compose and run their own polls, it’s easy to do through the speaker, or VIP, portals.”

And, if you like, you can project the questions and results on a screen and integrate that with the presentation. It’s your call.

“People get nervous about the amount of time they think it’s going to take to put together polls,” Boggs says. “But when they start putting those polls together, they realize how easy it is. Then their attendees start creating content for them, giving them immediate feedback—and that’s really, really valuable.

“Planners see live polling in action, how easy it is to use and the audience response rates, and that almost always leads to broader use of it at their next event.”


To learn more about Certain Touchpoint’s polling features, or to request a demo, contact us today.

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