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Published in Engagement category on (08/05/2015)

5 Secrets of Event Marketing Rockstars: How to Increase Attendee Engagement with Interactive Content

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How would it feel to be able to tell your CEO the exact amount of revenue you generated as a result of your latest in-person event? What if you could tell your sales team which sessions each prospect attended at the event and how their activities translate into sales-readiness? This level of super-stardom is well within your reach when you know the 5 secrets to gathering attendee data and using personalized interactive content to nurture your event leads.

Events are about more than just the planning of logistics. Events are about people. They’re about bringing people together in a face-to-face environment to learn, network, and enjoy the company of others who share similar goals and interests. B-to-B marketers rely on in-person events to learn as much as possible about their prospects, leads, and customers in a short amount of time. The wide range of “signals” attendees send over the course of even a single day event can deliver unmatched insight to help marketers pinpoint where each individual is in his or her buying cycle and determine how to best nurture each going forward.

Success hinges on your ability to extract intelligence from event data and use it to deliver compelling and targeted interactive content that enables a two-way dialogue with your attendees and inspires them to take the next step in their buying journey.

Below is a handful of our top tips to improve lead nurturing (a.k.a. drive more revenue) with the help of attendee data and personalized interactive content.

For the full list of tips, download your free copy of our Data-Driven Marketers Guide to Interactive Content and Event Data (no registration required). In it, you’ll find 8 tips to attract, engage, and convert more event leads.

1. Share data between marketing automation and registration

There’s no sense asking a registering attendee for their address if you already have it. Pull existing data from your marketing automation system as a starting point for your event registration system. Let the registration system pre-fill what you already know and instead, use your attendee’s time to complete a deeper profile, such as interest areas or event goals.

2. Help attendees create their personalized event agendas

At larger events, attendees have many options as to how they spend their time. Sessions, meetings, roundtables, activities — the hope is that each attendee will leave feeling good about how they chose to spend their time. The more information you can collect about the attendees at your events, the more you can help them by suggesting relevant sessions, connections, and other activities. Using event technology, you can take this further by automating the “suggestions” process and giving attendees the tools to build their own personalized agendas for the event.

3. Track attendee activities and interests

What happens at your events shouldn’t stay at your events. In other words, it’s important to capture as much data as possible about your attendees and how they spend their time at your events so you can identify those pivotal moments where an attendee turns from ‘suspect’ to ‘prospect’ or ‘somewhat interested’ to ‘ready for a sales call.’ Put in place technology to capture the data from badge scanning of each session attended, attendee responses to polls during those sessions, social interactions, appointment setting, and more. All of this data will help you understand your prospects and determine the content that will be most relevant to them as a next step.

4. Drive the next best step in real time

Imagine being able to know the exact moment a prospect at your event is ready for a sales person to approach them. And then being able to send that sales rep to the exact location of that prospect armed with information about their interests and prior activities. Using real-time data, your attendee activities can trigger relevant and effective automated or face-to-face outreach.

At its flagship conference, CA Technologies used real-time data to promote cross-sell and upsell opportunities, move attendees through the sales process in real time, and proactively lead attendees through various offerings.

5. Engage attendees with interactive content

Interactive content like quizzes, assessments, surveys, calculators, brackets deployed during your event serve the dual purpose of engaging attendees and keeping them entertained, while also providing you with richer data.

Make your next event your best ever by improving your lead nurturing and converting more event leads to customers. Reinvent your approach to event data and personalized and interactive content. Use what you learn about each attendee to deliver the right message at the right time, and capture it all in your marketing automation system to produce credible ROI. The future of events is here. And you’re on the forefront.

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