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Published in Engagement category on (04/29/2015)

How Event Data Can Deliver Your Most Qualified Leads

We’ve all experienced the pain. There is a big event, leads are gathered at the booth, the events team brings them back to the office and loads them into the marketing automation system, and sales receives all these contacts.

But which contacts really matter? And how does the sales team know anything about where they are in the buying cycle?

Because events enable face to face conversations where key data is captured on prospects, events can provide your most qualifies leads.

As marketers responsible for leads and tracking those leads back to revenue we need to determine which leads are the best marketing qualified leads (MQL) and which ones can be fast tracked to sales qualified leads (SQL). Since we usually have access to attendee profile data, this is typically where the vetting process begins.

But what about all the other rich data points that happen before, during, and after events?

Event data can provide key insights into not only the demographics of attendees, but also into their level of engagement and areas of interest. What topics are your prospects most interested in and how engaged are they with your company? What if you could have access to targeted profile building data captured pre show and all session topics attended during the show as well as the number and types of activities a prospect participated in during the event?

Now you have some real data points to analyze and score your leads against. Most importantly, now you have qualified data to build your campaigns around and to better arm your sales teams for follow-up.

The power couple: events and marketing automation

By merging your events data with your marketing automation system you can design campaigns that are personalized to each attendee based on what you’ve learned at the event. In doing so, events become a powerful part of your cross channel marketing strategy and you can drive content and programs that will provide your prospects exactly the information they require to move forward in their purchase decision.

Now that your sales teams is armed with the detailed event data in your marketing automation system they have a clearer picture of each prospect and can personalize their follow-up to drive revenue faster.

Learn more about marketing automation integration with events here.

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