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Published in Featured Blog category on (09/16/2014)

How Events Fuel Lead Generation

Success in lead generation requires marketers to gain an understanding of each buyer’s needs and then help facilitate their decision making process. Doing so requires insight into what a buyer is interested in, how interested they are, and the stage of the buying process they’re in. Events can play an extremely valuable role in the demand gen process.

Events, such as user conferences, seminars, tradeshows, and road shows, offer opportunities for organizations to capture deep and meaningful information about prospects in a short period of time. Beyond simply knowing a prospect has attended the event, organizations can enhance demographic information for their leads, measure engagement, and capture individual interests.

Today’s event technology is helping companies capitalize on this attendee data by capturing it and feeding it into marketing automation and CRM platforms where it can become valuable intelligence to help sales and marketing improve their demand gen results.

Here’s how:


Let’s look at an example:

Jane has registered for your user conference. She identifies herself as a VP of Sales in a customer company. Her profile information is updated and the event management platform automatically suggests a set of sessions designed for sales executives, as well as appointments with peers in the pharmaceutical industry and several sponsors.

As Jane starts to interact with the event, her page visits and use of the mobile app are tracked. By using trackable links from the marketing automation platform, you can see that while she hasn’t used the event app much or shared the event through her social networks, she has logged into the event site several times.

The platform recognizes that of the 5 sessions she attended, 4 of them were on the analytics product, an add-on module that her company has not yet purchased.

While Jane isn’t the most active attendee, she has a high interest score that promotes her to a priority lead for the analytics product. Her account representative is alerted and informed of her interest in analytics. He connects her with an analytics product expert, and informs her of an end-of-quarter sales promotion for new analytics customers.

From a marketing perspective, Jane is now funneled into the late-stage, executive nurture track focused on the analytics products. She’s automatically invited the follow-up roadshow featuring the analytics product.

A lead gen difference-maker.

Through events—especially larger and more complex multi-session events, such as user conferences—companies can build deep attendee profiles, measure engagement, and gauge interests. The information captured can help companies not only track what attendees (the prospects and customers that attend these events) are doing, but to understand what they’re really interested in. And that’s a real difference-maker in demand generation.


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