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Published in Appointment Matching category on (09/18/2014)

5 Must-Have Features of Event Management Technology for Marketers


As marketers aim to improve the outcome of their organization’s events, more and more are recognizing the importance of event management technology. Typically reserved for event planners, technology for events is moving beyond its “planning” roots into a lead-generating, brand-building role.

As you explore options for event management that supports your marketing goals, consider these five essentials:

1. Mobile App

Your event management platform should have an integrated mobile component, allowing you to quickly and easily deploy a mobile app for every event. Look for mobile web-based applications that are automatically generated as you set up each event. The app should offer attendees instant access to announcements, Twitter feeds, private agendas, important event information, and appointment schedules.

2. Marketing Automation Integration

If you’re like most organizations, nearly one-third of your marketing spend is on events. Accurately tracking the return on this spend is critical. By integrating event management and marketing automation systems, the data generated before, during, and after the event, can be used to enhance the lead-to-revenue cycle while improving the power and effectiveness of the event itself.

3. Lead Intelligence

Attendee data from events can be used to transform attendee behaviors into engagement statistics and interest scores that can be used to optimize your sales and marketing follow-up. This can only happen when your event management technology is equipped to capture profile, engagement, and interest data, captured throughout the lifetime of an event and combined with data from marketing automation systems. Combined, this data can be used to generate a rich and accurate picture of each individual customer and their unique needs.

4. Appointments

When you can empower all event stakeholders to achieve their event objectives through deeper engagement between the right participants, your event will succeed.  Look for an event management platform that allows for both self-scheduled and automated “matched” appointments. These features will significantly enhance the overall experience at your event by engaging attendees, powering connections, and accelerating business.

5. Personalized “Event Views” for Attendees

Customers simply don’t want to feel like a number and in the same way, event attendees don’t want to feel like they’re being served up a one-size-fits-all experience. Look for an event platform that allows attendees to obtain a view of the event, on their terms. In other words, a central resource specifically curated to align with their profile and event goals, with access to their personal agenda, 1-to-1 meetings, travel information, and other relevant content.

Together, these five “must-haves” will help position your events for maximum impact—both for your attendees and your organization.


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