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Published in Event Management category on (10/26/2016)

Sneak Peek of Forrester Event Research


Our Webinar on How to Convert Event Buying Signals into Revenue

Have you ever heard, “events accelerate the buyer’s journey” and wondered… how? You’re not alone, and new Forrester research, which we will be sharing in our webinar: 5 Minutes to Pipeline: How to Convert Event Buying Signals into Revenue, will provide you with actionable intelligence to do just that.

While events take up 28% of the average marketing spend, events also give marketers opportunities to capture rich attendee data, develop targeted, account-based follow-up, and close deals faster. But events also provide your brand with the opportunity to establish your presence in the marketplace.

According to Forbes, “When you’re present at events, you’re associating a face (or faces) with your brand. Prospects begin to connect more deeply with these individuals, whether they’re senior leaders, salespeople, or your behind-the-scenes crew.” It is precisely when prospects begin to see the people behind your brand that you are able to leverage these relationships and transform them into long-term partnerships.

For this reason, Forrester Analyst, Laura Ramos, and Certain’s VP of Marketing, Kristen Alexander have partnered to co-present a webinar on best practices for marketers to digitize their in-person events, how to increase attendee engagement, launch fully integrated event and marketing automation campaigns in under 5 minutes using EventStream, and convert buying signals into pipeline from events.  



Thursday, November 3rd, 10 AM PST

What the webinar will cover:

  1. Where B2B marketers are, as a whole, in leveraging events and generating event ROI
  2. Why marketers miss opportunities to capture data from events, and how to maximize these opportunities by integrating event and marketing automation
  3. Four effective strategies for marketers to digitize their in-person events and use data captured at events in personalized, omni-channel campaigns
  4. How marketers can use EventStream to create repeatable, scalable events that are consistent with branding and globalization requirements to grow their event program

The webinar will also give marketers a sneak peek into upcoming Forrester research on event industry standards, so be sure to register now!

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