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Published in Event Ideas category on (09/07/2012)

How to Attract More Sponsors with Mobile Event Apps

Sponsors help make the world of events go round. And never has the competition for sponsorship dollars been fiercer. With more than 1.8 million corporate events competing for an estimated 28% of the total marketing budget, event organizers must find compelling ways to attract supporters.

Access to attendees, event signage, website real estate, exhibition space, speaker opportunities…these have come to be expected.  Events that are nabbing the lion’s share of the sponsorship budgets understand that sponsors want more than just visibility—they want to interact with and engage attendees.


Sponsors are looking beyond visibility—seeking to build brand preference, loyalty, and sales.

To meet this increasing standard, organizers are turning to platforms and tools that can bring sponsors and attendees closer together in more targeted and meaningful ways—before, during, and after an event.  Mobile event apps can provide this deeper connection and deliver the value many sponsors seek.

To illustrate the importance of mobile, Kraft Foods’ VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement was quoted recently on the impact of mobile on consumer and media habits. He stated, “Media consumption habits are shifting towards mobile and it is our responsibility, as global marketers, to engage with consumers in the most meaningful way.”

When it comes to marketing, corporations are looking for those relevant engagement experiences and event sponsorship is no exception.  It doesn’t take an expert to say that the proliferation of mobile devices makes mobile one of the most, if not the single most, relevant pathway to reaching attendees and members, and to connecting those individuals with event organizers and supporters. Event organizers should look to increase value for their sponsors by including purchase space on event mobile applications.  Attendees may visit the event site two or three times prior to the start of an event.  But how many times do you think they look at a mobile device or table during your event?

Aside from the sponsor value, mobile event apps are also relied upon by organizers to facilitate event logistics and marketing. From displaying event schedules and communicating important updates, to delivering speaker bios and supplemental content and posting real-time social media feeds, mobile applications and mobile-ready web content can present a win-win to organizers, attendees, and sponsors.

If a mobile-ready, mobile-optimized event is what you are looking for to attract sponsors and drive attendee engagement along with more revenue, we invite you to learn about the power of Certain Mobile, a Software-as-a-Service solution that runs on most web-enabled smartphones and devices. Planners can mobilize any event in minutes with just a few clicks during event setup. Certain Mobile then pulls event information directly from the Certain Platform and takes care of the rest; serving up real-time data to the browser of an attendee’s web-enabled device.

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