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Published in Featured Blog category on (08/29/2013)

How Events Can Ignite the Power of Promoters


Promoters are those customers who are so satisfied with your product, service, or company that they are highly likely to recommend it to others within their sphere of influence. Through positive word of mouth, promoters are remarkably loyal customers who have the power to ensure long term corporate growth.

The importance of promoters has been popularized by Bain and Satmetrix through their concept of Net Promoter and the measurement of a company’s Net Promoter Score (or degree of a customer’s likelihood to recommend), and the actions taken to improve loyalty. In a nutshell, studies have confirmed that when a company has a high Net Promoter Score, as reflected by the percentage of customers who are highly likely to recommend a company to their friends and colleagues, their long term corporate financial indicators outpace those of competitors.

In a recent whitepaper Satmetrix provided this example of Net Promoter scores against five-year revenue growth rates for major companies within the airline industry:

In today’s digital world, the work of promoters is increasingly performed and amplified through the social sphere in blogs, tweets, texts, and other posts, updates, and reviews. The voice of the customer (VOC) has never been stronger and has further magnified the importance and value of those loyal promoters to business success.

Where Events Come In:

Events give brands the opportunity to engage and impress attendees with content, connections, and experiences that build loyalty. Great events can ignite and expand the voice of the customer and create promoters, while providing focused opportunities to bring these loyal customers together with attendees who have the potential to join their ranks.

Of course there is a caveat to all of this: In order for companies to fully capitalize on the power of promoters they need the right combination of technology, digital access, and personalization. Integrating social and mobile into the event experience (before, during, and after the physical occasion) ensures promoters have the direct means to spread the good word. Providing a memorable, personalized event experience is the incentive for promoters to spread this word further and faster.

How will you ignite promoters at your next event? Learn more about how personalized event experiences will increase engagement and drive event success with our latest e-book, “How to Improve the Attendee Experience for Event Success.”

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