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Published in Event Marketing category on (06/29/2016)

How to Leverage Windows 10 to Improve Your Event App Experience [Event Marketing Case Study]


Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Microsoft and the Certain Check-In Event App, which works across all Windows 10 devices. Now, event marketers, demand generation specialists, and event planners can take advantage of Windows 10 features like Cortana and Continuum for an improved user experience. So, how can you leverage Windows 10 to improve your experience on the Certain platform?

Easy-Access On the Go
On a flight, at an event location, or at home and need access to your attendee or event information? You can now pull-up event details and attendee insights on any Windows 10 device.


Upgrade Your Personal Assistant

Cortana is the queen of shortcuts. Want to access an event or session without having to go through multiple pages? Cortana takes the thinking out of accessing your information. Now you can cut to the chase with these simple phrases:

“Certain, show me my event list”

“Certain, bring me to by events page”

“Certain, show my settings”

“Certain, show me event [event name]”

Scale at Your Convenience

Whether you’re on a Lumia phone, Surface tablet, Surface Book laptop, or other Windows 10 devices, you can take advantage of the Windows 10 dynamic

Instant Visibility with Check-In Insights

Gain access to attendee data with insightful graphs and then push it through your marketing automation system so that sales and marketing teams can follow-up in real time. Features include:

  • A stacked bar chart to show check-ins by attendee type, so for example, you can learn how many VIPs, prospects, or sponsors attended each event
  • Pie or bar charts with answer values that reveal how your prospects responded to questions related to your product or services
  • Graphs that are easy to copy and place as images into presentations or documents that can easily be shared with other team members

Go Beyond Event Logistics with Check-In

Now Microsoft and Windows 10 users can leverage their marketing automation systems at events. What does this mean? During an event, sales and marketing are armed with the information needed to establish more targeted campaigns, drive lead scoring, and facilitate more directed and informed follow-up conversations with customers and prospects. Certain Check-In enables marketers to have a full line of sight into all aspects of their event lifecycle and accelerate the sales cycle and buyers journey.
With Certain Check-In on Windows 10, customers can access event details and attendee information, quickly, easily, and on a beautiful interface. To learn more about Certain’s partnership with Microsoft, and how you can leverage Windows 10 at your next event, read our case study!

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