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Published in Event Management category on (11/06/2015)

Swipe Left to Enter the New Frontier in Events

Introducing Integrated Event Check-In

integrated check in

Uh oh… did you just swipe left?! Swiping left isn’t always a bad thing. And that’s especially true when you use Certain Check-In–our new simple, lightweight app to check in attendees to your events and instantly sync information back to Certain, all from the convenience of your iOS device.

Here at Certain, we’ve always understood the value of creating tools for event professionals that allow them to create and manage events of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re planning many small sales and field marketing events or one large conference with sessions and speakers, we have the right tools. However, in addition to helping relieve the stress associated with planning and delivering a flawless event, at Certain we’re also laser-focused on helping ensure events can deliver positive measurable results for event professionals, sales, and marketing.

Enabling rich-data capture during your events is an integral part of the value we strive to deliver through the Certain software. With Certain Check-In we continue this tradition of delivering value. We’ve taken an activity event marketers are intimately familiar with (the check-in process) and “turned it up a notch.” While most check-in solutions in the Enterprise Event Management space allow event professionals to check in attendees, collect payments, and automate badge printing, they do little to collect additional data beyond a list of attendees.

With our newly integrated mobile app, Certain Check-In, event professionals now have the ability to check in attendees (by swiping left, of course) as well as ask additional questions, such as “What product line are you interested in?” or “What region do you work in?”– instantly capturing valuable data that all syncs back to the Certain platform. And if you manage a larger event with sessions, Certain Check-In not only also enables you to check attendees into sessions but also associate tags and points with sessions. Tags may represent products, product lines, tracks, or any number of other dimensions you define. Moreover, because our integrated check-in solution tracks session attendance, it also generates interest scores for attendees based on the tags and points associated with the sessions. This “interest data” provides a rich data set for sales and marketing to use when pursuing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Of course, it’s critical to capture data, but data can’t really do much just sitting around in an event management application. It can’t enable marketing and sales to do what they need most. Marketing wants to define campaigns and lead scoring in their marketing application. Sales wants actionable leads and opportunities within their CRM application.

At Certain, we not only capture the data being generated during events through mobile apps like Certain Check-In, but we also provide game-changing integration with Marketing Automation (Eloqua and Marketo) and CRM (Salesforce) applications. With Marketing Automation enabled real-time during an event, sales and marketing are armed with the information needed to establish more targeted campaigns, drive lead scoring, and facilitate more directed and informed follow-up conversations with customers and prospects.

Gone are the days of the generic “thank you for attending” follow-up email campaigns and post-event sales calls. By truly understanding an attendee’s behaviors and actions at an event, event marketers can move away from purely focusing on the logistics of an event and provide actionable intelligence to sales and marketing teams to help drive revenue and demonstrate ROI.

So the next time you’re planning an event with a spectacular location, speakers, and content, don’t just swipe right. Go beyond event logistics. Consider swiping left to enter the next frontier in events.

Learn more about Certain Integrated Event Check-In by checking out the datasheet here:

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