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Published in Event Ideas category on (02/07/2014)

Key Takeaways from REVTalks 2014

REVTAlks 2014This week I attended RevTalks, Pedowitz’s first conference bringing together marketers that are focused on driving revenue (of course that is all of us).

The conference addressed the six key themes highlighted in Debbie Qaqish’s book, Rise of Revenue Marketer: Change Management, Sales and Marketing Alignment, ROI and Data, Globalization, Organizations and Talent Optimization, and Strategy and Execution with the main emphasis on Sales and Marketing Alignment as speakers explored how marketing is contributing to the revenue cycle.

I took away two key concepts from the conference that I believe are truly worth sharing.

  1. “Transparency”
    According to the presenters from DocuSign, transparency translates into building your lead process directly with the sales team so that they buy in from the beginning. Be sure to be transparent and communicate to everyone within your company the marketing results. Were they good? Or not so good?
  2. “Make Sales Part of Your Marketing Plan”
    As marketers we need to ask ourselves what we can do to help make sales successful. Then, how can we communicate and promote what marketing is doing to help sales. It is my opinion that most marketing department overlook this key concept.

Debbie presented us with a great challenge that I will now pass on to you: “How will you modify your behavior in order to be a better leader?”

So, as we look to motivate our teams and improve alignment with sales, let’s all pick one thing we can do to be better leaders. I plan to start sitting in on sales calls and conducting bi-weekly meetings with our sales team to review our marketing programs and results and strategize on how to do even better.

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