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Published in Event Management category on (08/06/2015)

Oops! What’s Missing from Your Marketing Automation Software?

marketing automation software

Something’s missing from your marketing automation software. Can you guess what it is?

Marketing automation software. It’s the big juicy burger of modern marketing technology. Among the most piloted technologies of 2015 (Salesforce) and embraced by 58% of the B2B Fortune 500 (ClickZ). All for good reasons. Marketing automation is really great at helping marketers manage and qualify large quantities of leads, nurture leads with email and personalization, capture customer intelligence across channels, and analyze the results of cross-channel marketing. It’s helping us marketers become far more effective contributors to revenue in our organizations.

But there’s something missing. A dash of salt? A little more pepper?

When you look across the spectrum of marketing channels, you use to generate leads and capture customer intelligence–everything from email and social media to search engines and mobile–one huge channel (ingredient) is missing from the average marketing automation platform. You’re missing that secret sauce! Of course, we’re talking about in-person events. You know, that channel comprising more than 25% of the average marketing budget?

Events no longer need to be left on the sidelines of the marketing automation and marketing analytics world. When we take our marketing activities “offline” through events, we shouldn’t lose sight of our customers. Instead, while attendees are fully immersed and engaged with our brand, messaging, and activities at an in-person event, we need to capture all of this rich data within the systems we use to analyze and act on it. Even if technology is being used to capture event data, without integration between event technology and marketing automation, that data fails to be put to effective use.

There’s a simple solution to this marketing automation mishap.

At its flagship conference this year, CA Technologies showed the world what’s possible when you integrate marketing and event technologies. For its CA World event, data from over 300 fields were integrated with Marketo, including number and type of sessions attended, specific product tracks, demos, hosted guest activities, theater sessions, and other interesting moments. The detailed profile registration, behavioral, and interest data was then fed in real time into Marketo where it was scored and evaluated each night throughout the conference. CA used this insight into attendee interests to personalize the event experience and make recommendations across the company’s product groups, suggesting alternative product tracks attendees should attend. This process helped to promote more cross-sell and upsell opportunities and generate credible ROI for the event.

The success of CA Technologies at CA World was facilitated by a deep integration of their marketing automation platform (Marketo), CRM (Salesforce), and event management software (Certain).

You, too, can avoid losing the “secret sauce” of event data. Just about all of the major marketing automation platforms today have the ability to tie into event software, whether through a native integration or through the API.

Learn more by accessing your free copy (no registration required) of our latest guide, “How to Use Marketing Automation to Drive More Revenue from Events.”

marketing automation software

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