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Published in Content Marketing category on (03/18/2016)

What is MarTech 2016 and Why Should Data-Driven Marketers Be There?


3 Tips to Get Attendees to Stop and Stay At Your Tradeshow Booth

With the MarTech 2016 conference just around the corner, and event season kicking into high-gear, data-driven marketers are increasingly asking themselves, how can I rock this event? Specifically, how can I get attendees to visit and linger at our booth?

Certain is excited to be an exhibitor at MarTech 2016 next Monday and Tuesday. Why are we so excited about this conference? Because MarTech is a conference designed for a new breed of “hybrid” marketer who is both marketing and technology savvy. Well these days, almost every marketer fits that description. The rapid growth of digital marketing in the last 15 years and the new emphasis on data and analytics in the modern marketing department has driven a huge demand for marketing technology. In fact, three years ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs will spend more money on IT than the CIO. That prediction is well on its way to becoming a reality. There are now more than 3,000 vendors pitching marketing technology with nearly 500 new vendors being added annually. CMOs and senior marketers are drowning in a sea of marketing technology designed ostensibly to help them optimize their funnel.

With so many MarTech tools, how does a savvy CMO make sense of it all? The MarTech conference is the first conference designed specifically to help senior marketing technology professionals navigate the dizzying array of marketing technologies and learn how their organization can more effectively integrate them into overall marketing strategy and operations. Essentially, it’s the event where world-class enterprise marketing leaders not only network, but also discover the latest technology that can help give them the edge they need in the highly competitive digital marketing landscape.

Although MarTech 2016 presents a unique opportunity for MarTech vendors to have their technology discovered by their ideal buyer, this year the conference will be especially crowded — even jam-packed–with MarTech vendor booths, each competing to lure their ideal buyer into their booth. How will you cut through the noise?  With so much competition on the show floor, what can you do to attract more attendees and increase traffic to your booth?

A strong content and experiential marketing strategy is the key to event success. So read on to learn 3 tips on how to make your event content stand-out and speak to data-driven marketers so that they will not only stop– but also stay–at your booth.

Why Your Event Content Should Be a Top Priority for Data-Driven Marketers at MarTech 2016

Did you know that creating more engaging content is a top priority for 73% of marketers? Nowhere is interactive, engaging content more important than at events, especially in regards to your floor strategy, booth design, and exhibitor content where you have less than one minute to make an impression on prospects and engage attendees. By providing an optimal attendee experience at your tradeshow booth, you will not only increase prospect engagement, but also customer loyalty and retention.

Because we know the high-stakes, time, and stress involved in creating content that captures attention and drives leads through all stages of the event lifecycle, we wanted to give you a sneak-peek into what to expect from us at MarTech, taking place March 21st-22nd, and also give you 3 quick tips on how to create interactive content that makes you standout at events.

3 Essentials of Effective Event Marketing at MARTECH 2016 Conference

Here are our our 3 Essentials of Effective Event Marketing:

Entice: Scratcher Card


How do you entice attendees at an event? Traditional promotions at events often include food, contests, and giveaways, so we thought: how can we take that concept and push it farther? Gamification has been shown to increase engagement metrics by 100-150%, so we decided to fuse the concept of gamification and giveaways by creating scratcher cards to handout at our booth. The scratcher card is also an excellent icebreaker and enables us to start a conversation with prospects without unnecessary awkwardness. Each scratcher provides information on marketing and event automation, gives away a Certain branded prize (increasing brand awareness), and drives traffic to our booth, every marketer’s ultimate goal, and the first-step to filling your sales and marketing funnel. With out-of-the-box content creation, everybody wins!

Educate: Infographic


Did you know that high-quality infographics drive engagement and social shares 3xs more than any other type of content? Infographics are content marketing gold and are an excellent way to provide valuable content visually, and are a quick way for attendees to digest content, especially in our info-snacking culture.

At MarTech 2016, we will be displaying a banner with our new infographic How to do Event Marketing Like a Data-Driven Machine. This infographic informs attendees how to integrate marketing and event automation in order to segment your audience, offers real-time targeted session recommendations at events, and fuels sales and marketing pipelines to drive revenue from events. The infographic shows attendees how event automation enables marketers to analyze Event ROI and how to turn events from a cost-center to a revenue generator.

Engage: Live Quiz


We’ve said it before, quizzes are the most read content. Quizzes are especially friendly forms of content marketing at events because they are interactive and give brands an opportunity to engage with prospects. At Certain, we designed our Event and Marketing Automation Readiness Quiz based on our How to do Event Marketing Like a Data-Driven Machine infographic. The quiz tests prospects’ knowledge of best practices for marketing and event automation, while providing helpful tips on how you could improve your skills. There are also prizes associated with taking the quiz, that are targeted to marketers so that attendees can A) test their knowledge and B) have the chance to win big! Our quiz is also an example of a fully-integrated campaign that engages attendees during all phases of the event lifecycle, so we’re practicing what we preach!

We hope that you are inspired by our 3 Essentials of Effective Event Marketing and have new ideas on how to entice, educate, and engage with prospects at your next event. We’re excited to premier our new content at this world-class event, and we look forward to seeing you at MarTech 2016!

(Come visit us at Booth 623!)

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