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Published in Branding category on (05/03/2016)

#MME16 Recap: Tyra Teaches Marketers How to Make Bank at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016


How Living By Tyra Banks’s 3 B’s: Beauty, Business, and Badassery Can Be a Marketing Gamechanger

The Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 was the embodiment of an event done right, so event marketers: take notes! It was informative, it was imaginative, and most of all, it was on-brand. What does that mean? Oracle’s event showcased the talented speakers (shout-out to Tyra Banks!), panelists, and sessions that are representative of their brand values. Oracle highlighted a customer first experience, and each presenter spoke in their own voice, from Zach King’s “Curiosity, Clean, Contagious” to Sears’ marketing mantra of “Recognize, Remember, Relate, Recommend.” Whether you were attending a session or a keynote, the overarching message I received is that the Oracle Marketing Cloud is committed to helping its customers transform their organizations so that they can relate to their customers with authenticity. If I were to summarize the theme of the conference, it would be: Oracle realized its brand promise through excellent execution of their event and amplified their customers’ voices.

That is some brilliant event marketing, and some brilliant branding.

Isn’t representing your brand values and owning your brand something we all aspire towards? When it comes to branding, 64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. Think about that. There is a direct correlation between how you feel about a brand and whether or not you do business with them. Additionally, 80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand. Branding is not just important to marketers, it is essential to converting prospects.

Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2016 lived up to Oracle’s brand promise by delivering an excellent customer experience through the power of authenticity. When I left MME, what I noticed most was the change in my mindset and disposition, and it wasn’t just me. From our sales to product team, everyone who went to Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2016 came back feeling recharged, inspired, and committed to taking their learnings and applying them directly to our customers.

So who was the most inspirational speaker at MME who was the embodiment of good branding?

I have to give it to the keynote speaker, Tyra. Now, to be honest, I was not predisposed to being impressed. (Yes, she’s a commercial success, but to those who know me, I’m more Super-Soaker than Super-Model, so I didn’t know much about her.) But after hearing her story during Andrea Ward’s interview, it is clear Tyra is a woman who chose her own path and used what she had to get what and where she wanted. She is the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, be a Victoria’s Secret Runway Model, run her own talk show, and act as the executive producer and host of America’s Next Top Model for 22 seasons. Most recently, she also founded Tyra Beauty, a self-funded cosmetics company that employs a direct sales model, enabling others to exercise their entrepreneurial muscles. After watching her presentation, I have to say that Tyra is a powerhouse.

Tyra lives her brand, and the most powerful message she conveyed a MME is that marketers need to be their own brand. But not just to be their own brand, but to constantly innovate and transform their industry. And it is not enough to be a one woman marketing machine, but to get a team of brand evangelists who will help you achieve your vision.

How did Tyra do this?

Let the Beautytainment begin! Tyra’s beauty line, Tyra Beauty, is built on a similar business model to Avon or Mary Kay, but definitely kicks it into high gear. This is not your mama’s lipstick! She calls her brand ambassadors Beautytainers, and continues to leverage her entertainment engagements for the benefit of her brand and her Beautytainers. She has even written and produced a music video in support of the selling program. The three pillars of her brand are Beauty, Business, and Badassery and she encourages all of her employees to be the “CEO of their own life.”

Now, Tyra Beauty is a B2C brand, so what does that have to do with B2B marketing? Whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer, or a software provider, the same question applies: how do you provide a fully integrated experience across all touchpoints for your customer, while branding and personalizing the experience? This is across commerce, service, email, event and ad channels: all perfectly consistent and in your authentic voice.

So how can your company take these three pillars and apply them to create a marketing paradigm shift? Here’s how to apply Tyra’s 3 B’s to develop your company’s brand identity:


When I think of how beauty translates to marketers, I think of an authentic and relevant customer experience — that is a beautiful thing! Events are a central part of any healthy marketing ecosystem, and helps to promote brand awareness and brand loyalty across channels.

At Certain, we give our customers the ability to fully customize and brand their event, so that their brand is front and center. Companies get full control over the customer experience, but with the flexibility to deliver highly personalized messages to each audience. From unique session recommendations to targeted email campaigns, brands can tailor the look and feel of their event from start to finish. Beauty can go a long way.


When it comes to business, the biggest lesson here is to live your brand. As Tyra has shown, she is a bold, beautiful business woman, and her brand is for women who aren’t afraid to stand out.

So, when marketing your product: what are your brand values? If you are customer service oriented (and you should be!), how is that communicated in every sales call and email marketing communication? What can you be doing so that all of your employees are an extension of your brand? These are important questions for companies to consider in order to have a strong brand identity and be considered thought leaders in their industry.


What defines being a badass? It’s a combination of owning what you say and taking risks. After an initial setback, Tyra changed her strategy to leverage her strengths rather than focus on what didn’t work as well for her during her early modelling career. She continued by taking on body-shamers on her talk show and showing them her strength. She’s exhibited this “don’t mess with me” attitude plus a very warm, approachable demeanor to create a public persona that feels very authentic, and is quite aspirational. Consumers *want* to be affiliated with this. Not a bad attribute for a consumer brand!

Certain took a page out of Tyra’s playbook when we announced the launch of EventStream for Oracle Eloqua and gave marketers a beautiful user experience. They can now manage all of their event related tasks without ever having to leave Oracle Eloqua. EventStream is the first example of an app suite featuring a full integration between marketing and event automation and helps marketers optimize their workflow, thereby directly increasing their productivity and event success.

We have also boldly created a new software category. With Event Automation, we are going beyond logistics and registration, and giving data-driven marketers the tools they need to leverage rich attendee insights, create targeted marketing campaigns, analyze Event ROI, and drive revenue. This enables marketers to have a full line of sight into all aspects of the event lifecycle. So with Event Automation, we are owning that we are the only solution to fully integrate your event and marketing automation platforms in a way that is scalable. That’s pretty badass!

When I went to Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2016, I expected to hear all about the latest OMC products in sessions and panels and strengthen my relationship with partners and customers. There was a bit of that, but mostly, it was about the customers. The speakers really inspired me —  from Jaemi Bremner and Dennis Startsev talking about how to effect organizational change to achieve marketing transformation at Intuit to Zach King and his delightful videos. And finally, there was Tyra Banks and her three B’s of marketing: business, beauty, and badassery. I hope that they inspire you too, and to bring all of this home, here is Tyra owning her bright personality in her theme song, may it serve as an anthem and brighten your marketing horizon.

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