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Published in Technology Solutions category on (07/14/2011)

10 Unexpected Benefits of Virtual (+1 that Doesn’t Get Talked About)

As the Product Manager for Certain Virtual, I get involved with numerous conversations with companies exploring ways to do Virtual Events.  Here are some of the unexpected and creative uses we’ve heard around here for Virtual Events. 1. Attendee communications with anonymity – Give attendees a way to contact each other via messaging and chat. It doesn’t […] (Read More)

Published in Technology Solutions category on (03/25/2011)

When to Consider a Virtual Event

Think about it. For every participant present at your event, there may be several who are interested but unable to attend due to budget, distance or schedule. That’s why many organizations are incorporating virtual events into their meetings program as it expands an event’s reach beyond a single location, allowing people that cannot make it […] (Read More)

Published in Uncategorized category on (03/14/2011)

Leveraging Twitter at Your Event

When utilizing social networks for your meeting or event, Twitter should be managed and leveraged differently than LinkedIn and Facebook. There are no pages, but feeds – with a continuous list of messages that are posted to the service with the latest posts on top. Anyone who subscribes to your feed (i.e., anyone who is […] (Read More)

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