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Published in Uncategorized category on (12/10/2015)

Say Goodbye to Event Marketing Melodrama



How Certain’s Integrated Check-In Will Put Your Event Marketing Nightmares to Rest

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, convinced that you’ve forgotten a minor detail that will utterly ruin your event? This is an event marketing nightmare. Worry, anxiety, and stress: an event marketer’s best friend. Every day leading up to your event, you are putting out fires, trying to please stakeholders, and dealing with the daunting task of trying to make both your attendees and the leadership at your company happy. There isn’t enough meditation in the world to combat your stress.

But then the fated day of your event finally arrives, and you find yourself thoroughly disappointed by the outcome of the event you planned. Your attendee check-in didn’t run smoothly, your sales team was overbooked, overworked and overstressed, and you left with no key takeaways or data about your attendees’ behavior.

And, to top it all off, the the leads your event generated didn’t create a single customer conversion or produce any measurable results.

It’s every event marketer’s worst nightmare to host an event attended by dozens or hundreds of qualified leads, and then to have no way to capitalize and increase your sales pipeline activity. When this happens, all of the time, effort and money invested in throwing the event has been wasted. #ScaryEventMarketerProblems

What better way to illustrate event marketer problems than with a comic strip? Never fear, Faye the Event Marketer is here! She’s our resident Melodrama Queen, and the main character of our new Certain serial comic, who will face the trials and tribulations of event marketing, with Certain there to guide her out of the drama and into the light!



Did you know that leads from events are 60 times more likely to convert into opportunities if you follow-up with them immediately, versus leads that are followed up with a day after the event? This means that if you throw an event and are still manually entering contact information from business cards and newsletter sign-up sheets, you are missing out. Instead of converting leads into customers, you’re overlooking the short window of opportunity when you have your lead’s attention.

Enter Certain’s Integrated Check-In Guide:  a new step-by-step guerrilla guide that will give you the practical game plan you need to maximize the success of your events.We know that event marketers need tools that streamline their lead generation process, provide real-time recommendations to leads about future sessions, funnel leads directly into your CRM and help you to qualify your leads. Our Integrated Check-In Guide provides step-by-step advice on how to help you meet your business and event attendee goals.

Here’s what you can expect to find in our Integrated Check-In Guide:

  • Learn about the features of our event check-in, including mobile-readiness, the ability to check-in attendees with a single swipe/click, total branding control and custom user interfaces
  • Discover how to capture business intelligence, personalize attendee experiences and drive marketing and sales results
  • Find use-cases and examples of when you can use Integrated Check-In to follow-up with leads, foster upsell and cross-sell opportunities and target sessions to your attendee demographic
  • Understand how Certain integrates with your marketing automation and CRM platforms in order to establish audience-focused campaigns, drive lead scoring and facilitate more informed follow-up

Certain’s Integrated Check-In Guide will help you better understand your attendees’ behavior at your events, so you can move away from thinking about the logistics of running an event, and instead focus on providing actionable intelligence to sales and marketing teams to drive revenue and increase event ROI. Our guide provides you with specific use-cases of how you can use our Integrated Check-In features to enhance your attendees’ experience and quickly gather data to help you convert leads to customers.



You don’t need to live your life on the edge like Faye. End the (melo)drama today. Get Certain’s  Integrated Check-In Guide, stop worrying, and start focusing on the opportunities that lie ahead. Learn how you can maximize your event marketing and sales opportunities today by reading our Integrated Check-In Guide.

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