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Published in Event Mobile App category on (09/25/2014)

The #1 Key to a Successful Event App

event mobile apps

There are many considerations to make when choosing a mobile app for your events. Your choice of provider, platform, features, and functions all play a role in how well your app contributes to the success of your events.

But let’s not forget, the number one factor determining the success of your app is the extent to which it enhances the event experience for your attendees. If it doesn’t make your event more valuable to those who have invested their hard-earned money and time in attending your events, it’s really not doing its job.

There can be an overwhelming amount of pressure to adopt every whiz-bang event app feature known to man, regardless of whether it will actually be valuable and meaningful to your attendees. Instead, we challenge you to heed the advice of Michael Porter who says, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

So the challenge is identifying what your attendees will find valuable.

Get to the heart of what matters to your attendees.

If your attendees are highly social and active event participants, they will be excited to find your event app offers the ability to arrange 1-to-1 meetings, participate in contests, or engage with fellow participants via social media. If your attendees prefer a more passive experience, they may find great value in merely having their agenda at hand or receiving up-to-date information from event organizers.

As a marketer or event professional it’s your job to facilitate the attendee experience and ensure their goals are met. Some event apps will allow you to get very personalized in terms of how you present content, facilitate connections, and communicate with your attendees. Still others put a significant amount of control in the attendees’ hands, offering the ability for attendees to personalize their own event experiences from the app—setting their own appointments, managing their schedules, arranging their view of the event according to their own interests.

It’s your job to select an event mobile app that will allow you to facilitate this experience in just the right way.

To help you better understand mobile apps and how to make them a successful part of your events, we invite you to download our latest guide, ““How to Craft Your Event Mobile App Strategy.”


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