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What’s Your Event App Missing?

Events play an important role in any marketing effort and a successful event means higher ROI and an increase in attendee engagement. In order for events to be successful, the right strategies and support need to be in place, whether it’s new event tech, Event Automation, or a great venue. But what’s an event’s best friend? An Event App.

Tips and Tricks for Using Social Media During Your Event

You’ve put the time in for planning your big event and you’ve used social media to generate buzz and interest. But how do you increase engagement on social media once you’ve got people in the door? There are lots of ways to engage with prospects through social media – and continue the conversation once your event has started.

20 Tips On Increasing Audience Engagement At Events

Increasing audience engagement is crucial for continuously hosting successful events. According to David Saef, EVP of Marketworks, “Events are a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because face-to-face is the best way to engage a brand’s current and prospective customers” (Hubspot). That said, audience engagement not only makes your event interactive and fun, it also enables brand growth and awareness. Ensuring that your audience is consistently engaged not only improves attendee experience but also allows marketers to collect rich attendee data from over 300 different touchpoints.

How to Fill Your Marketing Funnel by Getting Event Attendees to Stop and Stay at Your Booth

Matt Heinz’s #MKTGPOV Twitter Chat was a gait-stopper. (No we didn’t misspell that, keep reading!) He gave us insights into how to stop attendees in their tracks at events, how to effectively engage prospects, and how to follow-up to drive lead conversion. But more than insights, Matt gave us actionable tips. He provided us with ways that you can target attendees before the event, how to talk to prospects at the event, cater and personalize your message to your leads, provide personalized follow-up, and how to use events to nurture sales qualified leads.

10 Hot Event Marketing Trends to Drive Attendee Engagement [SlideShare]

Our latest SlideShare highlights 10 hot marketing trends impacting attendee engagement today. It offers tips and tactics to help you delight your attendees and generate great results for your enterprise.

5 Secrets of Event Marketing Rockstars: How to Increase Attendee Engagement with Interactive Content

Marketing super-stardom is well within your reach when you know the 5 secrets to gathering attendee data and using personalized interactive content to nurture your event leads.

5 Tips for Highly Engaging Event Experiences

Why is it that over 1.35 billion people in the world are drawn to Facebook? How could such a seemingly simple platform be a portal that people spend an average of 21 minutes a day on? One reason: Engagement.