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Get Ahead in 2017 Instead of Making New Year’s Resolutions

Do you ever feel like coming up with New Year’s resolution ideas and making career goals actually prevents you from reaching your ideals? Think about it: how often have you created a list of what you want to accomplish in a year, only to fall utterly short. The list sits on your desk, or on a crisp piece of expensive stationary, in your best handwriting, tacked onto your cubicle wall, almost mocking your effort and commitment. Why is there such a gap between what we want to do and what we can do?

The Search for Prizes Is on at Marketing Nation Online in Our Marketing Scavenger Hunt

Marketing Nation Online is not only an excellent opportunity to level up your data-driven marketing skills and become a digital marketing expert; this year, you can also win big! Certain has teamed up with PFL, Vidyard, and EverString to bring you the ultimate Marketing Scavenger Hunt. All you have to do is watch our presentation How to Build a High-Converting Event Experience with Event Automation and visit our partner’s booths for your chance to win an Airbnb vacation, plane tickets, or lift tickets. You can check-off becoming a digital, video, event, and predictive marketing expert and get some well deserved R & R. Let the games begin!

Why Event Automation is a Game-changer for Data-Driven Marketing

Recently, we announced the launch of event automation, a new software category. The launch of event automation is a marketing game-changer from event management, but in order to understand the significance of this, you need to understand how the event game has changed. So, how have events evolved over time, how has the marketing of events changed, and what are the ways that marketing and event automation platforms work together to gather rich attendee insights to fuel your marketing and sales pipelines to create conversions? Our Event Automation Primer breaks down these questions and answers them, so that you can find ways that event automation can help you use event data to drive measurable results.

7 Top Marketing Challenges that Marketing Automation Eliminates

Welcome to Marketing and Event Automation 360: Our 3-part series on marketing automation and event automation integration. Join Mike Earley, Certain’s Product Manager, as he analyzes the top marketing challenges that data-driven marketers face, and how event and marketing automation can eliminate these pain-points.  This 3-part feature will kick-off our Event and Marketing Automation Benchmark report, where we provide detailed industry metrics on how marketers are currently using event and marketing automation.

Event Automation: The New Fuel Igniting Your Data-Driven Marketing Machine [Infographic]

BMW may deliver the ultimate driving machine, but marketers are delivering that same type of power and excitement to  data-driven marketing campaigns by applying techniques fueled with rich engagement data to deliver highly personalized and engaging events to drive revenue. Like the driving machine that is fueled with gasoline, the ultimate marketing machine is fueled by data – from marketing automation databases rich with historical data, the system of record for marketers, to event marketing solutions, which capture attendee points of engagement from invitation to registration to interactions at the event.

Say Goodbye to Event Marketing Melodrama

Worry, anxiety, and stress: an event marketer’s best friend. Ditch the event drama and step into the light! Certain’s Integrated Check-In Guide is a new step-by-step guerilla guide that will give you the practical game plan you need to maximize the success of your events and vanish your stress.

The Next Era Begins at Marketing Nation Online 2015 [Insider’s Guide]

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Online event, the largest online marketing conference in the world, promises to set the groundwork for the next era of marketing.