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Published in Event Ideas category on (10/30/2015)

The Ultimate Halloween Schwag Bag for Event Planners

Halloween doesn’t just mark the beginning of the busy holiday season, it also falls on the cusp of the busy trade show season. We have no doubt, you’re feeling the pressure. That’s why we here at Certain think you, event planners, deserve a tip AND a treat. We’ve prepared a little something special to celebrate the holiday and to give you an extra hand as you plan for the events ahead.

Tip or Treat? Put your hand in the bag and take a pick:


The Tip: How to Plan a Wicked Trade Show Exhibitor Booth

Exhibiting at a conference or trade show can bring your brand out of the shadows and allow it to come alive with the attention of interested prospects. But the devil is in the details and there are a lot of details to cover. Avoiding a dreadful experience and creating a wickedly awesome representation of your organization takes careful planning and organization.

Don’t be haunted by missed deadlines, startled by the unexpected, or disturbed by the details. Our special holiday tip sheet features a checklist of items to consider when it comes to planning your booth, attracting the right attendees, designing the look and feel of your space, displaying your collateral and giveaways, and ensuring all of your logistics are covered.

Keep this checklist handy for your next trade show:



The Treat: Sample Trade Show Plan for Event Sponsors

Sponsoring a trade show is no small feat. Here we share 5 planning templates to help you avoid frightful mistakes and ensure a freakishly delightful outcome.

The ingredients of this tasty treat include:

  1. Project Plan Summary – As the days pass and the time ticks closer to the start of your trade show, it pays to know if you’re on track to meet your deadlines. Create a birdseye view of using this template.
  2. Company Attendance Checklist – Use this template to ensure your trade show booth will be properly staffed and that everyone lands at the event on time, with a pillow to sleep on.
  3. Staff Schedule – Who needs to be where, when? Use this schedule to make sure your booth is covered and you have people making connections throughout the event as well.
  4. Shipments Checklist – There’s almost nothing worse than failing to receive those important tradeshow giveaways or forgetting to bring that extra laptop. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve ordered, shipped, and received everything you need.
  5. Promotion Plan – How are you going to attract visits to your trade show booth? How will you leverage your event sponsorship before, during, and after the event? Use this sample plan to get the juices flowing.


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