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Published in Business Value category on (10/01/2014)

The #1 Outcome Your CMO Expects from Events


Organizations have many reasons for investing in events but according to a recent CMO Council and E2MA study, the bottom line is marketers view events as revenue-driving opportunities.

  • 64% look to source new prospects and business opportunities through events.
  • 63% use events to gather and cultivate leads.
  • 60% seek face-to-face meetings with clients and prospects.

Despite the importance placed on the role of events in the lead-to-revenue cycle, the CMO study found that marketers often lack visibility into the very metrics they are hoping to influence. They are unable to effectively measure the impact of events on sales and revenue and therefore fail to prove ROI.

Meanwhile, we have technology that allows us to use rich customer profile information and sophisticated CRM and marketing automation systems to personalize marketing programs to the time, place, and buying stage of prospective customers.  These systems allow marketers to track every activity back to lead generation, sales, and loyalty metrics (a.k.a. ROI!).

Until now, these marketing technologies have failed to be applied to the event channel.

According to The State of B2B Event Marketing study, 55% of marketers want to integrate with CRM so their leads aren’t lost and they can track results through to revenue. “But the deployment of marketing automation in support of event marketing is spotty, focusing primarily on email notifications before an event rather than managing and nurturing leads afterward,” according to the study.

58% of marketers see determining event ROI as the key benefit of marketing automation, with the ability to personalize communications (47%), integrate automatically with a CRM system (46%) and drive attendance prior to an event (46%) also viewed as major benefits.”

Only “Half of all respondents said they use some form of marketing automation for event follow-up, but just 21% said they have automated lead scoring in place and only 19% employ a nurturing program. Only 48% of respondents reported having any kind of event ROI metric in place.”

“Fifty-five percent of survey respondents said their ideal event marketing automation package would include deep integration with CRM systems.”

When marketing is integrated with event management technology you’re able to create more powerful B2B events and enrich the lead-to-sales process as a whole.  You’ll have the ability to apply marketing data, tools, and analytics across all channels—including events!

Take your events and your entire marketing program to the next level—and deliver proven ROI—by integrating event management technology with your existing marketing automation and CRM platforms. Find out how. Download our complimentary E-Book: The Power of Integrated Marketing.

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