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Published in Event Marketing category on (08/06/2016)

What We Learned About Lead and Engagement Scoring at Our Oracle Eloqua User Group


How do lead scoring and event engagement scoring feed into the marketing and event automation ecosystem? What kind of data can you capture at events to deliver personalized follow-up, nurture your leads, and deliver Event ROI? How can you launch event marketing campaigns with event templates to streamline your event marketing workflow and scale your event program? At our Oracle Eloqua User Group, we shared top tips on engagement and lead scoring from our speakers Ali Head, Tim Schmanski, and Mike Earley. We also demonstrated how EventStream enables event marketers to launch fully-integrated event campaigns in minutes.  

Our Oracle Eloqua User Conference gave us an excellent opportunity to get to know Oracle Eloqua power users and learn more about their needs and concerns. Many marketing operations and demand generation specialists know the importance of creating accurate lead scores, but do not realize how to leverage event automation to refine that lead score and qualify their prospects. It is important to understand how event marketers can take interactions that they have with prospects at events, and capture these buying signals to deliver timely follow-up.

So, we provided our guests with tip sheets on How to Optimize Event Marketing with EventStream at our Oracle Eloqua User Conference to give Eloqua Users actionable advice to take home with them. For those who couldn’t make it, here are a few key takeaways from the event:  

1. When Creating Your Lead Score, Think: Right Message, Right Audience

Based on your prospects online “digital body language,” you can place a lead into a different nurture track, or know when to accelerate or decelerate them in their current track. Determine your behavioral segmentation based on how often your prospect has engaged with your content, and which “type” of content that they are engaging with, such as whitepapers, datasheets, guides, etc.

2) Lead Scoring Doesn’t Stop at Personalization

Marketers need to go beyond “personalization” of targeted outreach, and take the next step which is leveraging data to truly “individualize” the buyer’s journey. To do this, determine how you want to “weigh” all of your prospect’s interactions, from content downloads to demo requests. Lead Scoring, when used effectively, is a powerful game-changer.

3) Use Engagement Scoring for Timely Follow-Up

Capture as much data as you can at events: booth visits, event registrations, session registrations, and product demos. Once all of this data is collected in your event automation system, the data enables you to personalize and target your prospects and move them along the buyer’s journey. With this information, you can place prospects on email nurture tracks and create omni-channel campaigns that convert your attendees into customers.

4) EventStream Allows You to Create Fully Integrated Event Campaigns Within Your Marketing Automation System

With EventStream, you don’t need to use multiple systems—you can do everything in Oracle Eloqua and have access to all your lists, event information, and registration. In other words, you don’t need to have expertise in event automation because you can develop and launch your campaigns inside Oracle Eloqua.

By defining your lead score, creating a buyer’s journey catered for the individual, using engagement scoring for timely follow-up and leveraging EventStream to create end-to-end, fully-integrated event marketing campaigns, you are well on your way to converting prospects into customers. We hope you found the information that we garnered from our presentations at our User Group helpful, and for more tips on how to leverage lead and engagement scoring, read our How to Optimize Event Marketing with EventStream tip sheet below!


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