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Published in Engagement category on (03/20/2013)

Why Events Still Matter

With the advent of all things digital it is tempting to think that “real life” events are going the way of dinosaurs. In fact, the opposite may be true.  Events have taken on a new level of importance as two significant trends emerge:

  1. CEOs regard getting close to customers as a top priority for success in the twenty-first century.
  2. Marketers are increasingly responsible for contributing to the revenue cycle (sales lead funnel).

Events pack a one-two punch when it comes to addressing each of these trends.


Events foster connections.

Companies are striving to get closer to customers—actual and prospective. Events, by their nature, are about connections.  Whether attending, sponsoring, or hosting an event, making new connections or strengthening existing connections is a top concern.

Events provide a natural format for connecting people and brands with shared interests. And event management technology is making these connections even more powerful. For example, Certain’s one-to-one appointment matching engine leverages attendee preferences to intelligently connect the right participants to achieve their business goals. “Matches” are made and face-to-face meetings take place at the event site to leverage the power of events in bringing people and brands closer together.

Events accelerate business.

Customers have changed the way they buy. No longer reliant on the canned communications and defined sales process of corporate marketers and sales departments, buyers are taking matters into their own hands. In fact, a customer today will have completed 70% or more of their buying process before even reaching out to the company for assistance.

Marketers are playing a new and important role in addressing this shift. They are behind-the-scenes publishing articles, white papers, case studies, demo videos, testimonials, and other content and making it available to facilitate the buyer’s self-defined need for information.

Events help speed up the revenue cycle by engaging prospects, leads, and customers in a high-touch, highly-engaging environment.  Through events, customers can discover, compare, try, vet, and engage with a brand in ways not possible with traditional or even digital communication.

Events also allow companies to paint a more complete picture of their customers as they collect intelligence from the registration process and throughout.  These deeper profiles can be fed directly into marketing automation and CRM platforms to give marketers and sales people more meaningful information from which to tailor additional nurturing and sales activities.

Maximizing the value of events:

When you consider the value of events in meeting today’s chief concerns of marketers and business leaders, it’s no wonder 28% of the average marketing budget continues to be earmarked for them.  To learn more about how event management technology, integrated with marketing automation and CRM, can help you deliver flawless events and accelerate business results contact Certain for a complimentary live demo.


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